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How to Assign A Task in Outlook 2019

Managing the team tasks in today’s age has become much easier thanks to the existence of the internet-based task management tools. Tools like TickTick and Todoist allows you to manage your personal tasks as well as tasks of your team. You can easily assign a task to your team members and set the due date to make sure the assigned task get done on time. If you use Outlook — Outlook 2019 more specifically — on a daily basis, you can also assign a task from within the Outlook window.

Outlook 2019 comes integrated with Microsoft To Do, a task management app developed by Microsoft. You can also use Microsoft To Do as a standalone app on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and web. All tasks you added via Microsoft To Do app — be it on Windows 10, Android, iPhone or web — will be available on Outlook 2019. You can access them from the Task tab by clicking the task icon on the navigation menu on the bottom side.

Every time you add a new task in Microsoft Outlook, you can assign it to your team members or anyone you work with. The assignment will be sent via email. Adding a new task can be done via any tab. If you are on the Task tab, you can click New Task on the toolbar.

Add a subject of your new task, set the start date and due date. You can also add a reminder as well as setting the priority and status. To make it clearer, you can also write a note. This note will appear as the email body. Once done with the task attributions, you can click Assign Task to assign this task.

Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) you want to assign the task to on the available field. Once done, click the Send button.

The new task you added on Outlook will also be available on Microsoft To Do app on Android and iPhone. You can easily mark the task as “completed” via your Android phone/iPhone once you got the report from your team members you assigned the task to.

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