How to Automatically Delete Emails from a Sender in eM Client

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How to Automatically Delete Emails from a Sender in eM Client

Despite free (personal use only), eM Client comes with advanced enough features to manage your emails. One of the features offered by this desktop email client is rule. You can create a rule to filter emails by certain criteria and then apply a certain action over the filtered emails. One of the actions you can apply is to send the emails to the Trash folder. With this action, you can automatically delete emails from an annoying sender you consider a spammer.

To start creating a new rule, click Menu on the top bar and select Tools -> Rules.

The Rules window will appear. Click the New rule button to add a new rule.

On the Rule wizard, select the Move messages from someone to a folder option on the first box. On the second box (the Rule preview box), click the People link to add the email address of the sender you want to apply the filter to.

Enter the email address on the Enter new address field and click the Add button. If the email address is already available on your contacts list, you can simply click the Contacts button to add it.

To add multiple email address, simply enter other email addresses just like you have just done above. Click the Ok button once you are done adding the email addresses. Next, click the folder link on the Rule preview box.

Since you want to automatically delete messages, select the Trash folder and click the Ok button.

Once done adding the email address and selecting a folder, click the Next button. On the next two steps, you can preview your rule. Simply click the Next button three times until you are on the last step. Give your rule a name and click the Finish button. Make sure the Enable this rule option is checked.

In addition to filtering emails by sender, you can also filter emails by other criteria such as a certain word in the email body, a certain word in the email subject, size of the file attachment, and so on.

To delete or modify an existing rule, you can go back to the Rules manager (Menu -> Tools -> Rules). Select a rule and click the Remove rule button to delete and click the Modify rule to modify it.

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