How to Automatically Delete Emails from A Sender in Outlook

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How to Automatically Delete Emails from A Sender in Outlook

Often receive annoying emails from someone you don’t know? If you use Outlook, you can create a new rule to automatically delete them. This post will show you how.

Rule itself is an Outlook default feature that you can use to filter emails. You can filter emails by a certain parameter. From sender, subject, keyword, and so on. You can then apply a certain action to the filtered emails, including deleting them.

To create a new filter in Outlook, first, launch the Outlook app on your computer. Click the File menu and select Manage Rules & Alerts.

Create a new rule by clicking the New Rule button.

The Rules Wizard will appear once you clicked the New Rule button above. On the Stay Organized section, select the Move messages from someone to a folder option. Click the people or publish group link on the Step 2 box.

Add the email address of the sender you to apply the filter to. If the email address is not available on the list, you can type it manually on the From field. To add multiple email addresses, you can separate them with a semicolon. Click the OK button once you are done adding the email address(es).

Specify a folder by clicking the specified link on the Step 2 box.

Since you want to automatically delete the emails, select the Deleted Items folder and click the OK button.

Click the Finish button to apply the new rule.

That’s it. From now on, every incoming email from the sender you applied the rule to will automatically be moved the Deleted Item folder by Outlook. If you want to edit or delete the rule, you can go back to File -> Manage Rules & Alerts. Double-click the rule to edit it, and click the Delete button to delete it.

There is also a quicker way to create a new rule to automatically delete emails from a certain sender. Right-click an email from someone you want to auto-delete her/his emails and select Rules -> Create Rule.

Tick the From [Email Sender] option. Also tick the Move item to folder option and select Delete Items on the appearing popup. Click the OK button to apply the rule.

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