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13 of the Best Adobe Sign Alternatives

Dealing with documents is a thing every business can’t away from, even if you are a freelancer. You need to create documents like invoices, proposals, project agreements, and so on. At the corporate level, the document types might are more complex. One thing in common. Every document typically requires legalization. In the paperless era like today, e-signature is an integral part of the business process. There are a bunch of tools designed specifically to manage e-signatures. Adobe Sign is one of which.

Adobe Sign allows you to send documents to business partners, clients, or team-mates with the aim to request an e-signature. With Adobe Sign, requesting e-signatures is getting way easier.

Adobe Sign is not the only tool to request and manage e-signatures, though. If you are not into Adobe’s products or don’t find a feature you want on Adobe Sign, there are several alternatives you can opt to. Here are 9 of the best Adobe Sign alternatives.


KONSIGN is a top-tier digital signing solution offering seamless, secure, and efficient e-signature capabilities. Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, it allows users to manage digital transactions effortlessly via their smartphones. Key features include web controllers, document sharing links, and enhanced organizational tools, providing a user-friendly experience for digital signatures.

KONSIGN is designed to streamline the signing process, making it an excellent alternative to traditional methods. Its advanced functionalities ensure convenience and reliability, making digital transactions fast and secure.

2. Jotform Sign

With Jotform Sign, e-signature meets automation. You can build documents easily by turning your existing PDFs into legally-binding e-sign documents and start collecting signatures anytime, anywhere. These documents can be signed on any device. Jotform Sign enables you to automate your workflow from start to finish and eliminate all manual tasks. Jotform Sign offers 600+ templates and allows you to create and customize your ideal form. After creating your form you can send it as many times as you need. Its flexible build-and-send document structure saves a lot of your valuable time. Moreover, you can stay on top of your document’s status with Jotform Sign Inbox.

3. DottedSign

DottedSign is a comprehensive and easy to use electronic signature software for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. With plenty of multi-tasking features such as assigning signatures, receiving notifications, and monitoring the progress, you’re able to stay on top of all the signing tasks and more. DottedSign comes with high-level identity authentification and digital certificates, ensuring both legality and security along the way. Once all the signatures are added, you’ll receive a digital audit trail that comes with each signer’s email address, name, IP address, and device used. With both apps (iOS and Android) and a browser version supported, continuing your work on any device is a seamless experience. Starting with a completely free plan, DottedSign is a solid e-signature solution to consider.

4. Signaturely

Whichever document you need to be signed, you’ve probably already done the hard work: all the negotiating, reviewing, maybe some persuading and, lastly, agreeing. The easiest way to do the ultimate step – signing the document – is online with Signaturely. Electronic signatures have never been faster and still as legally binding as if they were signed by hand. Give it a try for free (no credit card required).

5. DocuSign

The first tool you can use as an Adobe Sign alternative is DocuSign. Just like Adobe Sign, DocuSign also allows you to send a document to anyone you do the business with for an e-signature. The app of DocuSign is available on the web, Windows 10, Android, and iOS so you can use it no matter the operating system you use. DocuSign is a fully paid tool, but you can use it for free during the trial period (30 days) to figure out whether the features offered by DocuSign are the ones you are looking for or not. DocuSign supports integrations with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. To save you time in preparing the documents, DocuSign allows you to save documents templates.

6. Citrix RightSignature

Same as DocuSign, Citrix RightSignature is also a fully paid tool instead of freemium. You can use it for free during the trial period (14 days) to figure out the offered features. To request a signature with this tool, you can send your document via email, a link or embed it to your website. You can use Citrix RightSignature wither for personal use or for your team. Citrix RightSignature also allows you to create document templates for time efficiency. If you use it for your team, there is a report feature to allow you to keep an eye on your team’s performance.

7. SignNow

SignNow has some features that Adobe Signature doesn’t have. One of which, it allows you to set the invite expiration. This tool also has some features that are not available on DocuSign like the ability to edit the document before you send it and to design allowed signature types.

Same as the two first tools above, SignNow is also a fully paid tool that doesn’t offer a free version. There is a 7-day trial period you can make use of if you want to try out the features offered by SignNow. SignNow allows you to send a document to multiple recipients and create document templates. SigNow comes with several advanced security features like LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Control) that provides extra security to your documents and personal data. There is also a feature to require your recipient to enter their name before accessing your document.

8. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is basically an online proposal software built specifically to create sales proposals. In addition, this tool also offers a feature that you can use to send a document and request an e-signature for legalization. However, the document you send has to be in a web format and be created using PandaDoc. You can use PandaDoc if you work in a sales department at your company or any job position that is responsible for handling sales proposals. PandaDoc is also perfect for managing contracts and quotes. It comes with a robust online editor to create your document.

9. HelloSign

HelloSign is a perfect online signature software for Dropbox users since it is now owned by Dropbox. The cloud storage company acquired HelloSign in early 2019. HelloSign is a great option if you are looking for an email signature software that offers a free version. The free version of HelloSign allows you to send 3 documents each month. Once your documents are signed by your recipients the copy of the documents will automatically be synced to your Dropbox account. HelloSign also comes with features like template creator (not available in the free version) and notification once your documents are signed.

10. SignEasy

SignEasy is one of the Adobe Sign alternatives for a business need. You can use it to sign (and request e-signature) a document in popular formats like PDF and Word other than web format. SignEasy allows you to send e-signature to non-SignEasy users. This feature is crucial enough since not all your clients or business partners might use SignEasy. SignEasy offers a 14-day trial to allow you to try its features. Other features offered by SignEasy include unlimited storage, templates, and company branding.

11. SignRequest

You can use SignRequest whether to add an e-signature to your document or request a signature by sending the document. SignRequest supports a wide range of document formats like PDF and Word. SignRequest can be used for free for basic use. The free version allows you to sign up to 10 documents per month. SignRequest itself can only be used to sign ready-made document documents. It has no editor to create a new document from the app dashboard.

12. eversign

eversign is another great alternative to Adobe Sign especially if you are looking for an email signature software that offers a free version. You can use eversign for free and sign up to 5 document per month. The paid plans of eversign come with the features like the ability to create templates, custom branding, and allows you to add your team members. You can use eversign to sign (and request e-signature) documents like PDF and Word. If you need to edit your document before sending or signing it, eversign has a document editor. eversign has a contact management feature that you can use to fill out and keep contact profiles for frequent signees in order to add them to a signing process using just a few clicks.

13. Formstack Sign

Formstack is basically an online form builder, but it has a feature to add an online signature to a document. You can also use it to send a document and request an e-signature. Formstack Sign supports popular file formats like PDF, PNG, and Word. Requesting an e-signature using Formstack Sign is pretty easy. Your recipient and add signature using a pre-made signature or draw a new signature. Formstack Sign also has features like templates, the ability to add teammates, and auto-reminders. Formstack Sign itself is a paid tool and offers no free version. You can try it for free for 14 days.

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