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How to Collaborate on a Document in WPS Office

WPS Office comes with a collaboration feature that you can use to collaborate on documents with your teammates in real-time. Since WPS Office is a cross-platform app (available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS), you can collaborate with your teammates no matter the operating system they use. In order to able to use the collaboration feature in WPS Office, you need to create a WPS account first. You can click the Sign in button on the upper-right corner to login. If you have no account yet, simply create your WPS Office account.

The way the WPS Office’s collaboration feature works is not much different from other collaboration apps. You need to create a team and invite your teammates to join the team you created. In order to able to join the team, your teammates also need to have a WPS account. So, before getting started, you can ask your teammates to create a WPS account and login with their account.

How to create a team in WPS Office

Go to the home screen of WPS Office by clicking WPS Office on the top-left corner. Once you are there, click Apps on the bottom-left corner to see all WPS Office apps and select WPS Cloud.

Click Team on the left-most column followed by Create Team on the second column.

Give your team a name and click the OK button.

To invite your team members to join the team, click Add members on the right side.

WPS Office allows you to add up to 50 members to your team. You can set the permission as well as the expiration date of the invitation. Simply copy the invitation link and share it with your teammates. You can share the link via email or any other medium.

To start the collaboration, you can add the files or create a new one. You can also upload a folder and create new folders to manage the team files. You can click the plus button on the bottom-right corner to add or create a file/folder. Your teammates can also do so.

Once you have files on your team, you and your team members will be able to edit them. You can see the history of a file to figure out who is the last time edited it. To do so, select a file you want to check its history on the WPS home screen and click History on the right side.

How to use WPS Meeting for real-time collaboration

If you need to, you can also collaborate on a document with your teammates in real-time. WPS Office comes with a meeting feature you can make use of. The WPS Office’s meeting feature is not something like Zoom or Google Meet. It doesn’t support video conference (at least at the time of writing) but it comes with a voice conversation feature with unlimited duration. WPS Meeting allows you to run a presentation.

To start a meeting, click the video icon on the toolbar of the document you are editing.

Click the Invite members button to invite your team members to join the meeting.

You can ask your teammates to join the meeting by sharing the meeting ID, QR Code or URL.

How to join the meeting

On the WPS Office home screen, click WPS Meeting on the left panel.

Click Join Meeting and enter the meeting URL or meeting ID. Click the OK button.

To end the meeting, simply click the End Meeting button (or Quit Meeting if you are the participant).

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