How to Create a New Folder in eM Client and Why You Need to Create One

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How to Create a New Folder in eM Client and Why You Need to Create One

Folders are crucial enough in email management. You need them to separate your emails so that they don’t overwhelm into a single folder. eM Client allows you to create folders to make your emails be way organized.

Quick question. Why do you need to create folders?

By default, eM Client has only a single folder for incoming emails (the Inbox folder). Every new email coming to your account will be stored in this folder. Now imagine if you subscribed to your favorite football club newsletters, your favorite online shops, and so on. Your Inbox folder will be overwhelmed by emails. Not to mention email from your boss, teammates, colleagues, and family. By creating folders, you can put together emails into different folders based on their category.

To create a new folder in eM Client, first, select (click) an existing folder on the left sidebar. Right-click and select New Folder.

Give your folder a name and click the OK button. Your new folder will be created under the folder you selected upon right-click. If you want your new folder to be created under a different folder, you can simply select one from the Select where to place the folder box.

To delete an existing folder, simply right-click a folder you want to delete on the left sidebar and select Delete.

To automatically save emails with certain criteria to an existing folder, you can create a rule.

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  1. I appreciate your summary and review of basic folder operations with eM Client. Very helpful instructions, Muhammad Rio.


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