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Analyzing data on a spreadsheet file requires extra patience. Often times, it leads a frustration if the data is too complex. You can turn your data into a graphic format to make the analysis process be more fun and easier. LibreOffice Calc has a built-in feature that you can use to turn a data into a wide range of chart types, including a pie chart. This post will show you how to create a pie chart in LibreOffice Calc.

The pie chart itself is one of the most common chart forms used in spreadsheet files. Not only a pie chart makes it easy for you to analyze data, but it is also great if you need to present a report to your boss. With less explanation, your boss will understand the report by seeing the chart. In this example, we will create a pie chart of the sales report of a camera store. The report itself is about the units sold within a year.

To create a pie chart from the data like the one above, highlight the data and click Insert Chart on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can go to Insert -> Chart.

The Chart Wizard will appear, select the chart type. Since you want to create a pie chart then select the pie chart. After selecting the chart type, you can choose whether clicking the Next button or Finish button. If you want to customize the pie chart from the Chart Wizard, you can click the Next button. In this post, we will customize the chart later so we click the Finish button.

How to customize your pie chart

You have successfully created your pie chart right after clicking the Finish button on the steps above. However, everything is default here. If you don’t like the default look of your pie chart, you can customize it. In LibreOffice Calc, you can double-click the chart to turn it into an editing mode. You will see a set of new editing tools on the toolbar after right-clicking the chart.

  • Change the chart background

To change the background of the chart, you can go to Format -> Chart Area.

On the Chart Area window, go to the Area tab and set the color that you like. In addition to a solid color, you can also select other background types such as gradient, pattern or even image (bitmap). Don’t forget to click the OK button to apply the background.

You can also set the border from the Chart Area window. Simply go to the Borders tab to do so. To set the background transparency, you can go to the Transparency tab.

  • Add, edit and customize the chart title

If you haven’t added the title or your chart yet, you can go to Insert -> Title.

Add your title on the Title field and click the OK button.

To edit your chart title, you can simply double-click the title and replace it with a new title you want. To change the font style, font size, and font color, you can go to Format -> Title -> Main Title.

To change the font style and font size, you can go to the Font tab.

While to change the font color, you can go to the Font Effects tab. Set the font color on the Font color option.

  • Display the data labels

Your pie chart will be much more readable if you display the labels for each dataset. To do so, you can go to Insert -> Data Labels.

Select the text attributes you want to display. Click the OK button to apply them to the chart.

To change the font color of the data labels as well as the font style, double-click one of the data labels. Set the font style from the Font tab and the font color on the Font Effects tab. Don’t forget to click the OK button to apply the changes.

  • Customize the legend

In the context of the chart, legend refers to an area that helps describe each of the parts that help make up a chart. In a pie chart, you can see on the legend to figure out what color represents a dataset. Here is an example of a legend in a pie chart.

By default, LibreOffice Calc puts the legend beneath the chart. To change this default position — as well as the font color, font style, and font size — you can go to Format -> Legend.

Go to the Font tab to change the font style, Font Effects tab to change the font color, and Position tab to change the position. Again, don’t forget to click the OK button to apply the new changes.

How to turn your pie chart into a 3D format

To impress your boss, you might want to turn your spreadsheet data into a 3D pie chart. You can turn the pie chart you have created above into a 3D format by going to Format -> Chart Type.

Tick the 3D Look option on the appearing popup and click the OK button.

To customize your 3D pie chart, you can go Format -> 3D View.

Set the values of the X rotation, Y rotation, and Z rotation to change the 3D perspective. Make sure to click the OK button before you close the popup window.

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