How to Create a Professional Email Signature in Thunderbird

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How to Create a Professional Email Signature in Thunderbird

Nearly all email clients have a feature to add an email signature. Thunderbird is no exception. Email signature itself is important enough, especially in the job world. It can represent you without writing a too-long introduction when sending an email to a new client or business partner. You can add pieces of information like company, job title, social media icons, phone and number to your email signature.

To create a professional-look email signature, you need to have HTML knowledge. Otherwise, you can use an email signature software to generate a decent email signature.

How to create a professional email signature in Thunderbird

As mentioned, there are a bunch of email signature software to generate a professional email signature. From free to paid ones. Here are some of the email signature software you can try.

  • WiseStamp
  • MySignature
  • Newoldstamp
  • HubSpot

In this post, we will show you how to create an email signature with HubSpot and add it to Thunderbird. The email signature generator from HubSpot is completely free to use and you can add social media icons, profile picture, job title, company, and so on. MySignature can also be used for free, but your signature will contain MySignature branding and cannot be removed unless you upgrade your account.

Visit this page to use the free email signature generator from HubSpot. Select the email signature template on the left panel. By default, the signature template you choose contains HubSpot branding. You can remove it by sliding the button on the Created With HubSpot option.

Go to the second tab (second from left) to add your name, company, job title, social media icons, phone number, website and other information you want to add.

You can customize your signature by going to the third tab. You can set things like theme color, text color, link color, font size, and font style. To add a profile picture, you can go to the fourth tab. Once you are done filling the required information and customizing the signature, click the Create Signature button below the signature preview on the right panel.

Click the Copy Signature Source Code to copy the HTML code of the signature you have just created.

Add your signature to Thunderbird

You have successfully created your signature. It’s time to add it to Thunderbird. To do so, launch Thunderbird and select the email account you want to add the signature to. Click View settings for this account under the Accounts section.

On the dialog box, tick the Use HTML option on the Signature text section and paste the HTML code of the signature you have created. Click the OK button.

That’s it. Your signature should be already available in every new email message. Try to write a new email to test it.

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