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eM Client — the popular desktop-based email client for Windows and Mac — allows you to create rules and make certain actions to the incoming emails with certain criteria. You can, for instance, create a rule to automatically send incoming emails to a folder. Rules are great to manage the emails that coming to your account. eM Client itself has a default rule used to filter spam emails.

To create a new rule in eM Client, click Menu and select Tools -> Rules.

Click the New rule button on the Rules window to add a new rule.

There are 7 rules offered by eM Client:

  • Move messages from someone to a folder
  • Move messages with defined words in the subject to a folder
  • Move messages with defined words in the body to a folder
  • Move spam messages to the Spam folder
  • Set category for messages from somebody
  • Apply custom rule on messages that you receive
  • Apply custom rule on messages that you send

Select the rule you want to apply from the list. If you want to move messages to a folder, make sure you have an existing folder to save the messages. In this example, we will show you how to automatically send new emails from an email address to one of the existing folders. Select the Move messages from someone to a folder on the list and click the people link.

Add the email address of the sender you want to send the emails to a folder and click the OK button (you can add multiple email addresses).

Click the folder link to select a folder to send the emails to.

Once done adding the email addresses and selecting the folder, click the Next button.

On the next step, click the Next button (make sure the from people option is selected).

Click the Next button once again and make sure the move to folder option is selected.

You can set the exceptions for the rule. To add an exception, simply select the type of the exception you want to set and click the link on the Rule preview box. Click the Next button to continue.

Lastly, give your rule a name and click the Finish button.

To edit an existing rule, you can simply open the Rules window and double-click the rule you want to edit.

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