How to Export Contacts in Outlook 2019

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How to Export Contacts in Outlook 2019

Want to switch away from Microsoft Outlook? If yes, you can take the contacts you have saved on your Outlook to your new email client so you will keep able to communicate with business partners, family members or friends. Most email clients support CSV format to allow you to exchange contacts from one to another. Microsoft Outlook is no exception.

The method of exporting contacts in Outlook can be different, depending on the Outlook version you use. If you use Outlook 2019 on desktop, you can go to the File menu and select Open & Export -> Export/Import.

On the appearing window, select Export to a file and click the Next button.

Next, you will be asked to select the file type. If you want to transfer your contact to email clients like Gmail and Thunderbird, you can select Comma Separated Values (CSV). Click the Next button.

There are several types of data you can export from Outlook. Since you want to export your contacts, select the Contacts folder and click the Next button.

Select a folder where you want to save the exported contacts by clicking the Browse button and click the Next button.

Lastly, click the Finish button and Outlook will start exporting your contacts. Wait a moment until the exporting process is done.

Once the exporting process is done, go to the folder you have specified to find the CSV file.

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