GogoPDF: Convert MS Word to PDF in Just a Few Clicks!

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GogoPDF: Convert MS Word to PDF in Just a Few Clicks!

The use of portable document format during this online learning tremendously increased. If you noticed, most of your professors would prefer sending their lecture materials in PDF. And you as a student would submit requirements using the same format. If you tried applying for a job before, you would know that resumes are also in PDF. You can see it everywhere.

Are you using software or applications whenever you have to convert your documents to PDF? For sure, you had difficulty accessing and using their complicated interface. If you want to get rid of them, you might want to consider using GogoPDF. It is an online tool that can convert your files in just a few clicks. Its user-interface is suitable for those who are not yet a pro in using technological innovations. Get to know its key features of GogoPDf and the easy steps to convert your document.

Convert Your Documents to PDF

The file conversion process to PDF is extremely easy when you use GogoPDF’s converter tool. You don’t need to search on google how it works because the website provides all the pertinent information. Besides that, it offers most of its features for free. So if you are a broke online student who relies on your parents for money, this tool perfectly suits you.

GogoPDF claims that you can convert your documents in just a few clicks which is possible. It’s because it requires you to perform only four easy steps. So, in cases that you need to immediately convert JPG, Excel, PPT, HTML, or Word DOC to PDF, feel free to access its website. Here are the steps you need to follow to convert your documents successfully.

Step 1. Upload the document you want to convert

Click the select files button to get the file from your device’s local storage. If you placed your document in google drive or dropbox, then click the appropriate icon. You may also resort to dragging and dropping the file to the converter tool to upload it with ease.

Step 2. The conversion process will start

Once you successfully upload the file on the website’s converter tool, the process will immediately start. There is no need to sign up for a subscription plan for you to continue with the file conversion.

Step 3. Wait until the process finishes

The waiting time in converting documents to PDF using GogoPDF is exceptionally short compared to when you use applications or software. Expect that the process would only take a couple of minutes.

Step 4. Download the converted file

Once the converter tool completes the process, the file becomes readily available for download. Using the website, you may also decide to share the file on any of your social media accounts.

Key Features of GogoPDF that you can enjoy

1. Accessible to Anyone Regardless of the Platform

You can use GogoPDF’s converter tool using any device. Before, most tools that can change file formats were only available for those with laptops or desktops. But now, through the existence of GogoPDF, you can also perform the conversion even if you have limited devices. The things you must equip yourself with to conveniently use the website are a working browser and a stable internet connection.

In terms of operating systems, GogoPDF is compatible with almost all of them such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Committed to Protect Your Privacy

Using online tools can give you an anxious feeling that your files might become accessible to unauthorized persons. To address this growing concern of users, GogoPDF complies with its privacy and data security policy at all times. It states that the website’s server will automatically delete all uploaded files after an hour. So whenever your converted files become available, immediately download them, or else you would have to go through the process of conversion again.

3. No Need to Install Software

You will convert your files through the cloud system of the website. This kind of system enables you to perform the conversion process anywhere and anytime you need, provided that you have a stable internet.

Since you only need to run your device’s browser to access the website, there is no need to install any software. This means that converting file formats will not take up any of your local storage. It is of great help, especially if your device has very limited space.

4. Converts Your Documents in High-quality

Do you have uncertainties about the quality that GogoPDF’s converter tool will produce? Are you worrying if the converted file has the same content as the original file format? Worry not because it assures every user that it has a high level of accuracy. It means that its end-product contains all the text, tables, columns, fonts, and paragraphs you initially placed on the document.

Why Convert Files to PDF?

You might be wondering why most of your professors would want to receive PDF copies of your submissions. It is not because they want to add up to your stress. This file format has an exceptional capability of making the file easier to read. It preserves the positioning of your texts, graphs, and charts. For sure, you exerted much of your time and effort to finish a requirement. The last thing you want to happen is having a low grade because your processor had difficulty understanding the content of the file.

Aside from not encountering any formatting issues when shared, PDF also restricts anyone from editing the document. You must use this file format instead of Word, Excel, and PPT if you want to retain all the original intent of the document.


Say goodbye to unnecessary problems brought about by managing documents, and say hi to GogoPDF. Making it your companion during remote learning setup can increase your productivity and efficiency. From now on, you have all the means to convert your files quickly and accurately. Besides that, it is a highly functional tool that does not ask for payment in return for its services. Don’t miss the chance of having a better life as a student so visit its website now!

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