How to Record on Powerpoint with Video Effectively

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How to Record on Powerpoint with Video Effectively

Do you use PowerPoint for presentations? There are millions of presentations given daily in different setups. PowerPoint slides are the most popular medium to share supporting content for audiences to absorb and connect with your ideas.

However, the slides alone are incomplete and won’t communicate the concepts from the actual presentation because viewers are not as engaged as when the presenter is right in front of them.

An effective presentation shows both the Slides and the presenter to grab viewers’ attention, improve comprehension and retention of points. You can do it by recording a video presentation like shown below.

How to Record in Powerpoint with Audio and Video

If you want to stick important information on the screen and be visible while presenting, you need a special tool to make it more interesting. Be ahead of the curve with the most advanced video and screen recorder to record yourself and your PowerPoint Slides side-by-side.

SOOMUS – The Ultimate Presentation Solution

SOOMUS is a reputable and outstanding software to help you create one-of-a-kind PowerPoint presentations. It leverages the power of words and pics to capture the audience’s attention and engage them throughout the presentation.

The platform is compatible and works flawlessly with mainstream video-conferencing apps, including Zoom, Discord, Skype, VooV Meeting, Zoho, and LARK. By connecting to these meeting tools, you can record any videos and share them without hassle.

It is effortless to go live with SOOMUS while simultaneously making the presenter and the content visible. The straightforward software is not that difficult to utilize, it takes a few minutes to create your presentations, and you can visit this page to check it now.

Features of the SOOMUS PPT Presentation Solution

The following are SOOMUS’s incredible features that are worth noting:

  • Creating presentations for different scenarios

SOOMUS can be used for various purposes. It can enhance online education, personnel training, business cooperation, product marketing, school education, popularization of science, and enterprise recruitment.

  • True-to-life virtual background

Your privacy is vital and adds confidence when giving an online PPT presentation. With SOOMUS virtual background offering automatic image matting, you can complete a video conference from anywhere without worrying about solitude.

  • PowerPoint file importing

Use SOOMUS to enhance your presentation by importing your well-prepared PowerPoint files onto the tool directly. It is easy to use and will help to fast-generate your presentation content for a whole new experience.

  • Free presentation setting

The tool allows both the content and presenter to be visible for better interaction with the audience. You can even switch between different modes to satisfy every presentation’s needs with the options to put yourself on full-screen or a small window to highlight the key points.

  • Many templates

SOOMUS boasts a vast template library to give you any style that fits your needs and saves time. You can use any of the templates available to get the most out of your presentation, including your desired theme.

  • Built-in add-in abilities

When recording a PPT presentation with SOOMUS, you can edit individual slides to add annotations, text, or more. The built-in add-ins help to make presentations even more informative and captivating for your audience to enjoy.

When Will You Need SOOMUS?

Since the Covid pandemic, online presentations have become more popular with an increasing need to retain the human connection. That is why the SOOMUS software is critical to make your work life easier, and it comes in handy for various scenarios like shown below:

  • Online Education

Using SOOMUS, tutors can connect with students interactively, even in online classroom setups. It allows presentations where both the teacher and learning materials appear on the same screen for better illustrations and more information. You can use the tool to teach courses, explain assignments, do exam preparations, and get course feedback.

  • Business Cooperation

In a more virtual world, SOOMUS will make your work more creative and relaxing. You can keep customers engaged no matter their location, make great marketing reports without difficulties, and HR can deliver company knowledge directly. It also allows your team members to share content pieces and visuals while on a video conference.

How to Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint

When preparing to make a PPT presentation for any profession, the SOOMUS software will come in handy to help you do an excellent job. The steps listed below will guide you on how to record on PowerPoint with this intelligent software.

Step 1: Visit the SOOMUS official website to download the software and installl it on your device. Log in with your account, or create a new one using your Gmail or Facebook account.

Step 2: Once you log in successfully, click “Import PowerPoint” to select a method to record your video. You can import all or choose the slides you want to use.

Step 3: After importing, you can proceed to make your desired changes to each slide. Pick a template from the right side of your screen, then add text, images, graphics, animations, and more. Once you finish all the settings, click “Start Now” at the bottom of your screen to proceed.

Step 4: After making the desired adjustments, hit the “Record” button at the bottom of your screen to start recording. When you finish, you can choose to record again or click “Save Video” to download the video to your desired folder.


Generally, the SOOMUS tool will transform your video presentation experience to communicate with your viewers face-to-face. It offers live audio/video recording and subsequent sharing, ideal for visual ideas, teaching materials, announcements, and annotations.

Users benefit from making more engaging and attractive PPT presentations that can be viewed easily at any time and from anywhere. Try out the SOOMUS software today to have a feel of how it works.

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