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Learn About Different Types of Traffic Collisions

There are various types of car accidents that happen leading to different types of injuries and damages. It’s a good idea to learn about these accidents so that you can know what to do after the incidents, like contacting an auto accident attorney for example. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you cannot be involved in a car accident and suffer personal injuries.

If a car accident, it can be because the other driver was reckless or negligent. In such cases, it means you can be entitled to compensation. You need to hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA to get fair compensation from the insurance company of the party at fault. In this post, you will learn about different types of traffic collisions.

Understanding Traffic Collisions

Regardless of the type or size of the car, they can all be involved in traffic collisions. Remember that by seeing examples of how modified comparative negligence works and knowing these types of traffic collisions, you can avoid them while driving on the road. Some forms of the traffic collisions include:

Side-impact Collisions

It’s worth noting that side-impact collisions can happen when a car hits the other part of another car. Side-impact collisions contribute to a significant number of all car passenger deaths. This is the reason why these traffic collisions are considered to be dangerous. This is due to the less space that is available on the side of a car to absorb the full impact of the accident while helping to shield its car occupants.

One of the most common types of side-impact collisions is called a T-bone crash. With this car accident just like in any other rear-end car accident claims, there is one car that perpendicularly hits the other side of another car. This can usually happen when a vehicle goes through a stop light and then hits another car driving through the intersection when the green light is on.

There are always ways you can prevent side-impact collisions. One of the ways is by looking both ways for incoming cars regardless whether or not you have the right to drive through. In other words, you should not assume that the other cars will follow the road’s rules.

Car Crashes While Merging

This is another type of car accident that can happen in places where two lanes merge to allow one vehicle sideswipe another vehicle. These types of car accidents are usually caused by some drivers who try to merge, but they fail to check the blind spots while changing lanes.

These type of accidents are also avoidable, so you just need to turn your head to ensure that the available blind spots are clear before you decide to merge. Besides this, you should also not over speed in areas where other vehicles may try to merge. Ideally, if you speed, there are good chances that the other vehicles may not have enough time to see you while they are trying to merge.

Rear-end Accidents

There is also good evidence that shows that rear-end accidents are the most common type of traffic collisions on the roads. These car accidents can happen due to one vehicle following another one too closely, which is also called tailgating. Reliable lawyers like rear-end accident lawyer in Alabama can help you investigate accidents carefully and can ask a fair settlement for your claim!

Some of the common examples involving rear-end collisions include a vehicle that suddenly stops at the light leading to the flow of traffic to slow down unexpectedly. For distracted car drivers who may be following other cars too closely, they fail to see the slowed or stopped traffic. Therefore, they don’t have adequate time to react.

There are also ways you can avoid these crashes. You need to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the other car in front of you. Also, you should prevent some distractions while driving, especially when there is high traffic with many cars close to one another. Alternatively, you can decide to change lanes when you are being tailgated so that you can minimize danger.

The Head-on Car Accidents

When it comes to head-on crashes, they are considered to be very dangerous and fatal. These accidents can happen at high speeds to make it hard for the airbag, seat belt, and other safety items of your car to fully absorb the impact. As a result, passengers are not protected enough, leading to severe injuries.

Head-on crashes usually involve cars, but they can sometimes involve trees, animals, or other fixed objects like road signs. Remember that these accidents can usually be cars driving the wrong way as well as drivers who are usually under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

The best way you can avoid these head-on crashes is to obey the rules of the road and don’t over-speeding or reckless driving. Also, avoid any distractions while driving because these tend to take off your focus from the road to increase the chances for an accident.

Multi-car Collisions

Multi-car collisions usually involve three or more vehicles and they tend to happen on freeways, busy roads, and highways. It’s worth noting that these crashes can sometimes be very dangerous because vehicles can have several impacts from several angles and determining who’s at fault is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve. Several impacts can be hard for any type of car to absorb regardless of the safety features a car has or how large the car is.

It can also be hard to avoid multi-car accidents because you can sometimes be between two reckless drivers. Therefore, you need to be alert while driving on busy roads or highways where vehicles are going at high speeds. You should also check the drivers and cars around you. Ideally, if there is another driver who appears distracted, then you should attempt to drive away so that you can reduce the risks of getting into an accident.

Common Injuries After Traffic Collisions

The injuries you can sustain in a traffic collision can depend on the extent of the accident. These can include bruises, minor bumps, and life-threatening injuries. You should note that some accidents can look to be minor, but they sometimes cause serious injuries. If you have been injured by a reckless or drunk driver, make sure that your rights are protected by hiring a personal injury or accident lawyers.

Aside from this, there are some injuries that may be apparent immediately after the car accident while others can be noticed or felt after a couple of days or even weeks after the car accident. This is the reason why it’s crucial to visit your physician after any car accident. Keep in mind that the insurance company needs to cover all the car-accident related injuries. Also, an income protection cover should pay you while you couldn’t go to work due to your injuries. Some of the injuries associated with a car accident include the following:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are many traumatic brain injuries that happen each year. Remember that a traumatic brain injury can happen due to a blow to your head or even penetrating injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can include a variety of injuries, so they can include minor concussions, permanent brain damage, and many more.

In most cases, the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries may not appear until after a few days after a car accident. Therefore, if you think that your head hit something in a car accident, it makes sense to go and see your doctor. Some of the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include nausea, dizziness, headaches, and sensory problems.

Broken Bones

While your bones are strong enough to support your body, they are not designed to withstand the extreme force of a car accident. Unfortunately, you can sometimes sustain broken bones after a car accident. It can be painful to have broken bones and you can sometimes need surgery. As if this is not enough, broken can cause chronic pain and can affect your mobility.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is one of the important parts of your body as it’s the primary messenger system of your body. This system sends messages received from the brain to the entire body. So when the spinal cord sustains injuries, it can lead to serious consequences. A spinal cord injury also tends to be permanent. Some of the signs of a spinal cord injury include extreme pressure, tingling, loss of movement, and loss of bladder control.


You can have burns when a part of your body contacts a hot surface or even because of chemical exposure. There are first degree burns that are considered to be minor and don’t usually leave a scar. Then there are second-degree burns that are more serious and painful. These burns come with blisters and there is a risk of infection. Lastly, there are third-degree burns that are a more serious form of burn and may usually need skin graft and prolonged recovery time. Third-degree burns tend to affect the deeper layers of your skin plus underlying bones and muscles.


Broken glass and flying objects can cause scrapes and cuts during a car accident. With minor lacerations, they don’t need medical care and can heal on their own. But severe car accidents can lead to deep and painful wounds. Also, these injuries may need stitches or surgery. In most cases, these type of wounds can leave permanent scars.

As you can see, there are various types of traffic collisions that can cause a wide range of injuries. As a result, it’s your right to seek compensation for your injuries from the insurance company of the party at fault. Because it can be tricky to negotiate with insurance companies, it’s a good idea to find a reputable car accident and motorcycle accident lawyer to deal with them on your behalf.

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