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Employee activity tracking doesn’t simply mean monitoring what your employees are doing on their computers. Rather, it’s about finding out if they are doing what they are supposed to do in the first place.

The activity monitor you choose for your company will likely show you the programs employees use, how much time they spend on each program, and even when they use them (time of day). This allows you to see if your employees are performing their tasks as needed.

Why is employee tracking important?

Employee activity tracking is essential for managers who want to ensure that employees are doing what they are supposed to do. With this tracking tool, managers can see which employees use which computers and for how long throughout the day – allowing them to monitor their productivity.

It is not enough to have a supervisor or manager oversee employees in today’s day and age. Instead, employees must be held accountable for their activity as well. After all, many jobs require little to no direct supervision whatsoever. Think of a self-employed business owner who spends hours away from any office environment. Or a workforce which is working from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

There has to be a solution that allows employees the freedom they need while still providing employers with accurate records of their activity.

If you’re looking for an employee tracking tool that won’t let you down, SoftActivity is worth considering.

What is SoftActivity?

SoftActivity is an employee activity tracker that allows managers to see what employees are doing on their computers, including office work, personal surfing time, or even both. In the following sections, we take a closer look at this tool to find out how it can improve the productivity of your business.

Get employee data in real-time

Using SoftActivity will give you real-time access to information about your employees’ programs, how long they are on them, and even when they are on them. This is done by syncing the times of day with all data saved in a cloud database for easy retrieval. Ultimately, you can see who has been using which computer at what time of day.

Additional tools and features

There is a lot more than SoftActivity can do than just showing managers what programs employees use and how long they use them. For example;

  • You can set time limits on programs to help employees save time and be more productive.
  • This tool comes with the option to block specific websites so that your workers can’t view them during work hours.
  • You can also see statistics about what programs your employees use often, how long they use them, and when they use them.
  • Its active monitoring feature lets you identify who is using which computer at any time during the day.

A unique way to track hours

SoftActivity doesn’t work the same way as most other activity trackers today. For starters, it bases all information on the PC’s standard keyboard shortcuts, allowing it to record exact hours on each computer. Because of this, employees can work on multiple computers throughout the day without any interruption.

Time-saving features

Managers can use some of the time-saving features that SoftActivity has to offer. For example, you can set different rules and schedules for employees and watch as all data conforms accordingly. The employee will change their status depending on the times you have set out – no need for additional work on your end.

Integrates with other forms of technology

Also, SoftActivity integrates with many other forms of technology that your business might be using – not just computers. One example is time clock software, which you can sync with to track each employee’s hours accurately. This allows you to manage the entire workforce better and ensure they perform tasks when they are supposed to be performing them.

Benefits of using SoftActivity

Increase personal productivity instantly

SoftActivity makes it easy for managers to see which employees use specific computers at certain times of the day. This means employees will be more productive, which is one of the core components of any company’s success.

Protect the company from legal lawsuits and reduce liability risks

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of employees spend huge chunks of their working hours on social media and downloading apps. Besides wasting time, this behavior potentially exposes critical company information to leaks and data falling into the wrong hands.

Luckily, you can implement a tool like SoftActivity to track what websites employees visit during work hours and perhaps even block them from accessing malicious websites.

Scale your business with a productivity tracking app

Don’t let your business drown in the quagmire of employee activity tracking. Use a reliable tool like SoftActivity to gain real-time insights into how each of your employees spends their time at the workplace. This is an excellent starting point if you’re to streamline your processes and scale your business.

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