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How to Manage Contacts in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is intended for business. That is why this email client has more advanced features than Mail. Both Outlook and Mail have a built-in contact manager. However, the contact manager of Mail only allows you to save contacts. There are no options to create contact lists or groups.

When managing contacts in Outlook or other email client apps, creating contact lists and groups are crucial enough. Not only you can easily find a contact when you need it. You will need a contact list when you need to send mass emails via the mail merge feature.

Before being able to add a contact into a contact list or group, you definitely need to have contacts in your Outlook first.

How to add a new contact in Outlook

In general, there are two ways to add a new contact in Outlook. First, you can add a new contact from scratch. Alternatively, you can also add a new contact from an email.

  • Add a new contact from scratch

First off, go the Contacts page by clicking the people icon on the navigation bar of Outlook and click New Contact on the toolbar.

Fill out all of the necessary fields. You can also add a photo by clicking the person icon. Once done filling out the fields, click Save & Close. Or, you can click Save & New if you want to add another contact.

  • Add a new contact from an email

To add a new contact from an email, open an email and hover your mouse over the email address of the sender. A popup will appear. Click the three-dot icon on the appearing popup and click Add to Outlook Contacts.

How to delete or edit a contact

Deleting and editing are parts of the contact management process. You can either delete or edit a contact from the Contacts page. To go to the Contacts page, you can click the people icon on the navigation bar.

  • Delete a contact

To delete a contact, you can simply select a contact you want to delete (by clicking it) and click Delete on the toolbar. Outlook allows you to delete multiple contacts at once. To select multiple contacts, press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard while clicking the contacts with your mouse.

Alternatively, you can also delete contact(s) by right-clicking the selected contact(s) and select Delete.

  • Edit a contact

To edit an existing contact in Outlook, you can right-click the contact you want to edit and select Edit Contact.

Create a contact list

Once you already have enough contacts, you can create lists and add the existing contacts to an appropriate list in order to make it easier for you to find them. For instance, you can create a “teammates” list and add the contacts of your teammates to this list. A contact list is also useful if you want to send mass emails.

To create a new list, first, go to the Contacts page by clicking the people icon on the navigation bar. Click the Folder tab followed by New Folder on the toolbar.

Give your list a name and click the OK button. Before clicking the button, make sure Folder contains is set to Contact items. Also make sure that the Contacts option is selected in Select where to place the folder section.

To add an existing contact to the list, you can drag it to the list folder.

You can also create new contact directly on the list. To do so, click the Home tab on the Contacts page and select a list you want to create a new contact on.

Click New Contact on the toolbar and fill out the necessary fields. Notice the bottom-left corner of the popup window. You should see the name of the contact list (folder).

Create a list group

Group is the top hierarchy on the contact management in Outlook. You can create groups to manage contact lists. For instance, you can create a “company” group to include the “marketing team” contact list, “sales team” contact list, and so on. Outlook provides a default group named “My Contacts”.

To add a new group, right-click an existing group and select New Folder Group. Type your preferred group name and hit enter.

To add a contact list to your new group, you can drag it to the group you want.

Final words

You can actually use Outlook without managing your contacts. If you want to send an email to someone, you can simply manually enter the email address. However, managing contacts will give some advantages especially if you use Outlook for business as it intended to. You can, for instance, create mass personalized emails to a group of people on a certain department on your company.

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