How to Set a Follow-up Reminder in Outlook

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How to Set a Follow-up Reminder in Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook as a marketing tool, then every email you sent requires a response. To make sure you get a response over the email you sent, you can follow it up if the email is not responded in a certain period. Microsoft Outlook has a default feature that allows you to set a follow-up reminder over the sent email.

To set a follow-up reminder in Outlook, first, write a new email just like usual. Before clicking the Send button to the email, set a follow-up reminder by clicking the flag icon under the Message tab and select Add Reminder.

You can also set a flag to your email if you want (Today, Tomorrow, This Week, No Data, or Custom). A flagged email will be automatically added to Task.

In addition to setting a reminder on the email creation, you can also set a reminder to the email you have sent. To do so, open the Sent Items folder. Right-click an email you want to set the follow-up reminder of and select Follow Up -> Add Reminder.

Emails you have set the follow-up reminder of, have a bell icon.

Once the follow-up is due, the reminder will appear in a small dialog box.

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