Steps on How to Complete Excel Homework Successfully

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Steps on How to Complete Excel Homework Successfully

Even though students have got used to writing essays as the main type of assignments there are many cases when they may get Excel homework. Excel task is a good contribution to many projects and papers. Knowledge of MS Excel helps students organize and arrange a large amount of data. This tool is helpful in research and report writing. It definitely saves time.

MS Excel has been used in academics for years along with MS, and there are many reasons why it takes place.

Excel Helps Visualize Students’ Data

Math and logical data inserted in Excel files can be easily manipulated and further visualized with the help of graphs and diagrams. Financial data can also be easily presented using MS Excel.

All data in Excel is inserted in tables, which further can be transformed into graphs, charts, and diagrams. Charts help present data either using symbols or lines. A graph is a visual with lines on two or three axes. A diagram is a pictorial representation of data. MS Excel already has a vast majority of templates that may be used for data representation.

Excel Helps Share Information

The major advantage of the Excel tool is that you can make it is highly convertible. Moreover, it is possible to share Excel data via a web page that makes data sharing easier and faster. The borders and distances are removed as barriers in assessing data with the Excel tool.

Excel Helps Compare Data

Excel presents a detailed assessment and comparison of data. Having put the information in tables and further having visualized it, one has an opportunity to compare and contrast the data that helps perceive the information better. Moreover, such a way of data extraction helps see the major similarities and differences fast, without reading much data. One needs just a couple of minutes to see the details.

Excel Helps Resolve Issues Using Automatic Formulas

When you work with large data, you may need to make the same operations with numbers. Excel helps to add, de, multiply, and subtract two or more numeric values automatically. You do not need to use a calculator each time when you need to make any math operation. Just use the formulas in Excel to make the process fast and easy. Editing numbers and cells helps not to create a new formula each time you need to make corrections. Moreover, you may copy the formula and apply it to any situation you need.

SUM and AVERAGE are the most commonly used basic formulas you may be familiar with. However, there are also other formulas that make your student’s life easier.

1. SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE Functions

Using the SUM formula, you may add numbers in rows and lines; you just need to press the SUM function and select the cells you wish to add. You may also type a range of cells you wish to add, for example, =SUM(D3:D9). The function is very useful and can be applied in various situations when you need to count many numbers.

2. IF Function

IF Excel function is also among the most popular ones. This function helps to make logical comparisons of data. For example, if you need to choose the employees for a bonus, and the simplified bonus is eligible to those who have completed 50 operations or more, you may set the following conditions, IF IF(D2>50, “Include”, “Exclude”). Thus, if the number of operations an employee has completed is 51 or more, a person will receive Include; otherwise, Exclude. It will help you make a list fast without checking each employee manually.

3. VLOOKUP Function

VLOOKUP Excel function helps to rearrange the data from one table into the corresponding cells of another table. For example, you have received some products, and you have data in two tables. One table contains the price of one product, while another table contains the amount of the received products. You need to calculate the cost of products received. To do this, you need to substitute the price from the second table into the first one. You will find what we are looking for through this simple multiplication, and VLOOKUP can help you. Just insert the function correctly, VLOOKUP([value], [range], [column number], [false or true]).

4. MIN AND MAX Functions

MIN and MAX Excel functions are also frequently used. When you need to indicate the lowest amount in the row of data, you may use MIN, and when you need to indicate the highest amount, you may use MAX. Students may frequently use MIN and MAX functions in combination with IF function.

Knowledge of functions and how to use them simplifies your effort when you need to complete Excel homework.


Excel assignments are not always easy. SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX functions are the simplest and the most frequently used as they are the basis. However, when you are assigned Excel homework, you may face other complicated tasks, which require the application of more specific functions, and in this case, you may need Excel homework help. Still, there is nothing impossible, and hard work and training may help you reach the desired result. You may become proficient in doing Excel homework without outside help.

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