How to Streamline Your Document Workflow in Minutes?

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How to Streamline Your Document Workflow in Minutes?

The amount of paperwork in an organization is endless and daunting. Contracts, internal and external paperwork, various agreements, and many other documents are challenging to track when they are in hard form. Workers spend hours upon hours in printing, scanning, faxing, and storing them. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to manage these papers and overnight to send them for signatures. This whole process takes a lot of time, which delays the transactions and reserves in poor customer experience.

Contracts and documents are the core practices for any business, so why not use digital technology? It can help to keep all the records organized, readily accessible, and up to date. You can also use electronic signatures to sign your documents online and invite the other parties to sign them online as well.

If you search online, you will find multiple document management solutions, CocoSign is one of the top-notch electronic science services providers. It not only allows you to collect and embed signatures electronically but also organizes your documents to streamline your workflow. You can invite various parties to sign all the documents online through any device using CocoSign. You can find more info here.

The beauty of an online document system is that it virtually assimilates your entire system and saves your documents online by providing you with a compact location for the documents such as the dashboard of the online documents management system you are using. Below are given some quick tips that will help you streamline your document workflow in minutes.

1. Prioritize the organization and reporting

A document system allows you to organize your records in folders and subfolders. This removes the confusion by developing specific names for particular file types. You can identify the file location through this name and access it whenever required.

Document management systems like CocoSign allow you to quickly look at the data and use different contract templates, run casual reports, and ad havoc reports.

Implementing these strategies to streamline your document will provide your visibility, accessibility, and easy management of records. It will also help you easily share the text resulting in better workflow monitoring.

2. Upgrade the approval process

All of the effort you put in document storage and retrieval is to get approval for specific tasks, lock the deals, and keep their record. This whole process can become more manageable if you get all the permissions online and invite the other party to sign the contract or agreement electronically.

An excellent digital document management system will allow multiple parties to view and sign the paper at a time from anywhere in the world. All of these priorities can use any device to sign into the document management system you are using to view, store/download, or sign the paper.

It means that you do not have to physically move the document to the next person and repeat the same process until everyone has signed off.

3. Establish customer priorities

Whenever you start a new project, it is imperative to know what exactly your customer wants. This will help you to focus on your task and invest money in the right thing. This way, you will also save yourself from unnecessary documentation and paperwork and streamline the process and budget. This approach not only cuts the hassle of paperwork but also reduces the cost of a whole process.

4. Encourage collaborations

Try to add all of your employees related to a particular task in the digital management system of documents. This way, make the document accessible for everyone in just a few clicks streamlining your workflow. The collaboration will also help the team across the organization quickly give their feedback about the task auto shared document and discuss various challenges on a single platform.

Working with a reliable document management system such as CocoSign that is highly integrated can be beneficial. You can do it at work cost and increase the interaction between different employees, managing your documents effectively, and improving the employee’s relationship with each other at the same time as well.

5. Don’t run after the brand new tools

While browsing the internet, you will find multiple ads with enchanting cover images and extraordinary features. But it is recommended not to chase all the new shiny tools instead of restricting yourself to a reliable one only if you want to streamline your workflow.

Not every tool is worthy of trust. And if you run after this brand new tool, you are going to lose the edge some world-class tools are already providing you.

6. Automate your emails

Emails are one of the quickest ways to share the documents; therefore, always automate them. You can install an email tracker that will notify you quickly whenever someone opens your documents and views it. Email trackers also help you to identify how many times the other percent clicked on the piece of information of paper you shared. These can be added in the form of browser extensions.

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