3 Tech Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office Space

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3 Tech Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office Space

Freelancing is an increasingly viable means of gaining income as opposed to the traditional 9 to 5 hustle, and many people are doing things online in their own time as a secondary project anyway, making money on the side doing something that they’re passionate about, such as blogging, online tutoring, or even graphic design. However, working freelance means working independently, and from your own space, and so how do you make sure your space is professional and advanced enough to ensure that you’re being as productive and proactive as you possibly can be?

Looking for inspiration on how to spruce up your home office space using technology? Here are 3 tech tips to upgrade your home office space.

Start by stripping back

You might think that it’s a bit strange starting a tech-focused list like this with a point telling you to actually strip back, but studies have shown that a tidy, simplified desk space can aid with concentration, and also stress levels. Start by getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter that you don’t need and put things in draws that you aren’t using on a regular basis. If you have a TV around, while you could argue it can be used for work, think about replacing a TV with a simple letterboard or something more advanced like an electronic whiteboard that will do the same job without offering the added distraction of a TV.

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Need some inspiration for a minimalist desk space and work area for your apartment? Take a look at some of the modern property developments offered around cities by companies such as RWinvest. Their modern developments, aimed at young professionals working in and around a city center area, keep work surfaces sleek with plenty of modular storage, and welcoming a bit of work on the side.

A fast-paced computer

Most freelance work is done sat around a computer, and if you spend most of your time working with one, then you might as well invest in something that’s going to be overkill for what you want, and not just reaching the minimum requirements. The amount of time that you’ll save overall will likely speed up your workflow, and if you were to go for a cheaper computer, you’ll likely end up replacing it sooner anyway, so you’ll probably spend more in the long run.

Tip — One recommended piece of software that you should look into is cloud-based storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. With this installed, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll never lose any of your work, as it’s all backed up to the cloud, and you can also access your work on the fly from wherever you are, which is perfect for if you spend a lot of time traveling and want to be able to work on the go.

If you notice that you’re spending too much on ink, or you always have a hard time scanning your device to your PC, then your multifunction printer/copier might be due for replacement as noticed by South Coast Office Supply Inc. Visit their website and invest in a new copier today.


Having good lighting in an office environment is a lot more important than you might think, and in fact, it can actually be quite detrimental to your health if you don’t have the proper set up. Here are a few different things to consider with regards to adequate lighting:

  • It’s important that you have good lighting while you’re working at a computer, and smart LED lighting can be set to dim automatically based on the time of day. This will help when you’re working at different points throughout the morning and evening. With color-changing LED lighting you can also alter the mood of your workspace if you want something a little more relaxed and laid back to just throw a few ideas around after a long day.
  • The brightness of your monitor is an important thing to keep note of, as well as the amount of blue light it emits. Make sure that you’re switching over to night mode in the evening so that you don’t damage your eyes, and also adjust the brightness and other settings on your monitor if you feel like it’s getting too much.
  • Of course, natural lighting is also something that you should prioritise, if you have a space that has a window with light coming through. If this is the case, try to maneuver your desk around the light, so that you can get as much of it as possible when you’re sitting down to work.

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