4 Tools for Office Communication & Project Management

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4 Tools for Office Communication & Project Management

Your own skills play a major role in office management, but you can make your life easier with a wide range of productivity tools. On the other hand, with so many services available, it’s tough to compare different applications and identify the best option.

This article will cover some of the most effective tools to consider if you’re looking for ways to streamline key office management functions. Keep in mind that the right choices for your business depend on your unique practices –there’s no single “best” option.


Payment processing is a significant portion of friction for businesses of all sizes, and Due.com is a great way to facilitate invoices and other payments. First, the service offers payment processing starting at just 2.8 percent with no monthly or hidden fees.

Furthermore, Due.com provides invoice templates and makes it easy to manage all invoices at the same time. It integrates seamlessly with apps like Stripe and PayPal, and you can access advanced functions like discounts, sales tax, multiple currencies, and more.


Office management requires constant communication, and Slack helps employees manage projects and work with the right people. It’s easy to set up a variety of channels for your organization so that people only receive the most relevant messages.

Like Due.com, Slack is designed to work well with a range of productivity tools such as Gmail, Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and Trello. You can download Slack apps on both iOS and Android devices in addition to accessing conversations through your computer.


More and more businesses are moving to cloud-based document storage and sharing, but printing is still an important part of the way most organizations function. In fact, printing can constitute a significant expense for companies of all sizes.

PaperCut helps businesses manage their printing practices on any scale, and it can be set up in just a few minutes. You’ll be able to track print jobs for each individual and monitor expenses throughout the organization. PaperCut provides information about how much each individual, team, or client is costing your business in printing costs.

You can currently sign up for a 40-day free trial of PaperCut for Windows, Mac, Novell, or Linux. From there, you can get a lifetime PaperCut NG license for a set cost depending on the number of employees. Commercial businesses, for example, can license up to 50 employees for a one-time fee of $525.

While NG provides more than enough features for most businesses, PaperCut MF provides more support and hardware implementation at a higher price. Instead of working with PaperCut directly, you’ll have to buy PaperCut MF through an Authorized Solution Center.

Google Docs

Just as Slack allows employees to talk about current projects, Google Docs facilitates cooperation on text documents as well as other files. Google Sheets, for example, lets you create slideshows in the cloud and share them with specific team members, complete departments, or your entire organization.

Getting started with Google Docs can be confusing, particularly if you haven’t used the application in the past. That said, once you get used to its idiosyncrasies, you’ll have access to a variety of powerful features. There’s a reason so many organizations are moving to Google Docs from traditional solutions like Microsoft Word.

Managers often wait too long to adopt the newest and most robust tools, and adding these solutions to your company’s practices can improve efficiency at every level of your organization. Don’t forget to ask your employees to identify tools that could help them be more productive.

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