How to Use PDF to JPG Converter of PDFBear the Best Way

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How to Use PDF to JPG Converter of PDFBear the Best Way

PDF may genuinely be the universal file format. Still, it is not always the best on all occasions, especially when dealing with images we use during presentations and other projects. But don’t worry if you’ve got your pictures in PDFs because there is the best way to handle it, and that is to use PDF to JPG online converter tool of PDFBear.

Step one: Connect to the internet and go to their website.

PDFBear is an online specialized PDF improver with over 20 powerful tools designed to increase users’ workflow and productivity. One of the best tools they offer is to turn PDF to JPG. If used the right way, then users will realize PDFBear’s goal of improving workflow and output. Here, we will tell you how to use their PDF to JPG converter the best way.

Pay attention, as there will be no shortcuts. The first step is to link your gadget to the internet. Launch any internet browser or app, and on the URL box, type and click enter. All of the PDFBears essential tools are free of charge except for advanced features. Also, there will be no creating of account and logging-in for privacy purposes and users’ data safety.

Step two: Choose PDF to JPG on the homepage menu.

On step two, let us assume that you are already on their homepage where the services they offer are presented. Select PDF to JPG, which has a red-orange background, by ticking or tapping it on your gadget’s monitor or screen. The website will then redirect you to the toolbox webpage. As said, users will not be forced to sign up, and logging-in is not required.

In this step, users will have observed a user-friendly interface on both their homepage and toolbox. Thus, no time is wasted in searching for buttons and icons. There are no meaningless icons and commercials. This app also performs in multi-platforms as it is attuned to almost all operating systems and works well in different browsers.

Step three: Select and upload PDF files on the toolbox.

You must be on PDFBear PDF to JPG toolbox web page with the rectangular grey box in the middle on step three. The center is an orange icon that says select a file, which is the third step, choose your target PDF files for conversion. You can choose files from your hard drive, a dropbox account, and google drive.

Upload your selected files in two ways. First, upload target files by ticking the file source icons in the middle of the toolbox, and from the pop-up window, select the PDF files and click OK. Or the second method is to choose the files from the source, drag them, and drop them anywhere in the toolbox. Instantaneously, uploading will begin.

Step four: Converter to scan and convert the PDF to JPG

Once the converter finishes uploading, it will instantly start scanning every page of your PDF file. You will also be transferred to a new window where you will be asked to choose to either extract single images, which is only available for pro account holders or convert entire pages for free users. Click the choose option, and it will start to convert your PDF file to JPG.

Transformation usually takes less than a minute, depending on the PDF file size and internet speed. Generally, smaller files and faster speeds mean a quicker process. Also, PDFBear guarantees users that the PDF to JPG converter will produce a high-grade image file.

Step five: High-quality JPG files must be ready for download.

Once the conversion process is finished, you will be transferred to the download page, where it says that the task is completed. You can choose from the three options to download your now high-quality JPG file. The first option is to share the file via email by clicking the red share via email button. You will be asked to enter email details in a separate window.

Your second option is to get a shareable link. You can click the green copy URL button, open a new window on your browser and paste the link to the URL, and the new file will be opened, ready for download, as well. Lastly, you can download and save to your Dropbox account, google drive, or device hard drive.


Converting PDF to JPG is fast and easy with PDFBear only if users know how to use their PDF to JPG converter the best way. We have outlined five easy steps for you to make your work easier. The choice is all yours. PDFBear is known to be one of the best converters existing in today’s modern technology. You can access it for free and provides a great quality in every piece of work

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