77 Essential GIMP 2.10 Shortcuts (PDF)

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77 Essential GIMP 2.10 Shortcuts (PDF)

GIMP is one of the essential tools I use on my daily basis as a blogger. I mainly use it to do such things as cropping an image, resizing or censoring certain area of an image before it is ready to use for an article. When working with GIMP, I sometimes use some shortcuts that I know.

Just like other desktop-based tools, GIMP also comes with a number of shortcuts to lessen the mouse clicks to save time. If the default shortcuts offered by GIMP don’t suite you, GIMP gives you a freedom to change the default shortcuts to match what you are personally comfortable with.

There are probably more than one hundred shortcuts offered by GIMP. You can find all of the GIMP shortcuts by going to Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts. From here, you can change the default shortcuts if you want to.

I have put together several essential shortcuts in GIMP and turn them into a sheet which you can download below. The shortcuts I collected cover several basic operations like creating a new layer, activating selection tools, zoom, filling the canvas and so on.

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