A Guide to Photo Manager Apps

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A Guide to Photo Manager Apps

Thanks to the emergence of the smartphone, most of us have become prolific photographers. With a camera in our back pockets at all times, it’s no wonder that 85% of our photos are captured by a smartphone, or that 86% of Americans say the camera specs are a very important factor in their decision to purchase a new phone.

But once all of those new photos start to clog your camera roll, where do you turn? While many phones offer automatic cloud storage, most people also rely on photo manager apps for organization and storage. If you’re not sure if you need these apps — or how to choose the right one for your needs — here’s what you should know.

Why Consider Using a Photo Manager?

With most phones, the camera roll provides only the most basic photo organization and management assistance. If you take a lot of pictures, you know the struggle of trying to store and find your best shots!

Photo management software can help you sort your photos into albums, back them up to the cloud, and search for them with ease. Rather than sifting through an endless wall of photos, you’ll be able to keep track of them with less hassle via more simplified search processes.

With some types of software, you can also edit, request, and collaborate on photos as well. Most also offer the ability to tag, search via facial recognition, and remove duplicates automatically.

How Do You Find the Right Photo Manager?

Not all photo managers are created equal. If you’ve decided you want an easier way of organizing and accessing your photos, you’ll need to do some research to decide which option is best for your needs.


Most – but not all – major photo management apps work with both Apple and Android, so it pays to look into the details. With Apple phones, for example, here are some apps you can use for easy storage.


If you need basic photo management and storage, you can’t go wrong with the simplified features of many of the most common options, such as Apple Photos or Google Photos. If, however, you need more powerful editing tools on hand, you might need to upgrade to a program like Adobe Lightroom instead.


You can create a free account with most photo management apps in seconds, but if you have a lot of photos to store, you might need to upgrade to a paid version. Do your research and create a simple cost/benefit analysis based on the types of features you’re looking for.

Find the Right Photo Organization System

Given how often most of us snap new pictures on our phones, it’s essential to have a system in place to organize, store, and find those photos with ease. The right photo manager app can be a lifesaver, but it’s important to make sure that it works for your needs! Considering the tips above can help you find the right photo organization storage for you.

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