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A Guide to Add Watermark to Photo

Adding watermark to photo is the common method chosen by photographers to protect their works from getting stolen. Nearly all photographers who put their photos on internet (except published for free under the CC0 license), superimpose their name over those photos to indicate that the photos are taken by the name of that word on the photos.

Not just photographers, many big websites also use the same method to prevent other parties from using their photos without permission and to show that a particular image is copyrighted.

Watermark is usually a faint words or logo. Adding watermark to your photos is actually easy and anyone can do that without having an advanced skill in Photoshop. And yeah, Photoshop is not the only tool to add watermark in a Photo. There are other tools that you can use other than Photoshop like GIMP or other tool with a specific purpose to add a watermark.

Desktop-based watermarking tool

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is the first choice when it comes to image editing tool. Apart from adding final touches like adjusting the saturation, white balance and so on, you can also use the Type tool to add some words to your photos before uploading them somewhere in the internet.


GIMP the best alternative if you have no money to buy Photoshop. This image editing tool has nearly all the features that Photoshop has. Including the ability to add text to photos with the aim of watermarking. The only thing that distinguish it to Photoshop is that it’s fully free of charge.

3. iWatermark

iWatermark is an app designed specifically for adding watermark to photos. This app is available on both desktop and mobile platform. If you want to give this tool a try you can refer to plumamazing.com. But keep in mind, this is a paid app so you have to spend your dollars before being able to use this tool.

4. Ais Watermark Pictures Protector

This tool claims itself as a professional watermark software. But, you have to be a Windwos user to use this tool since it’s only available for Windows devices. This tool gives you the ability to add visible transparent watermark to your photos and images. This is also a paid software and you can get it from watermarker.com.

5. Visual Watermark

If you want to add watermark to multiple photos at once then Visual Watermark is the tool you need. The tool — which is available for Windows and Mac — lets you to apply the same watermark to multiple images in a single step in minutes. Very suitable if you have tens collections of photos.

6. uMark

uMark is pretty similar to Visual Watermark. This tool can also be used to add watermark to multiple photos in a single go. You can even add QR code to your photos if you want it. You have to be also a Windows or Mac user to use uMark.

Online watermarking tool

1. Watermark.ws

If you don’t want to stuffing your computer with too many apps, online service is the best choice. In the internet jungle you can also find a number of online watermarking tools that you can use instantly without having to install any app. Watermark.ws is one of examples that you can use. This is a freemium service. The free version only allows you to add watermark to a single image while paid version gives the ability to add watermark to a stack of images at once.

2. uMark Online

This is the online version of uMark which is available for free. You can only use this tool for adding watermark to your photos one by one. uMark Online is very limited but if you want to give tool a try, it’s not a fault.

3. Watermarquee

Watermarquee is pretty similar to Watermark.ws which gives you two version free and paid. Free version is limited to 3MB of maximum file size. Plus it also doesn’t allow you to add watermark to multiple images at once. There are some templates that you can use to start adding watermark.

4. Watermarktool

Watermarktool also has a very limited feature but it’s worth enough to give this tool a try if you want to add a simple watermark for your smaller sized image. Just to inform, the free version of this online watermarking tool only allows you to add watermark to images no bigger than 200KB. And — as you might have guessed — it also doesn’t give a chance to watermarking multiple photos at once.

5. Picmarkr

Picmarkr is another online watermarking tool to enable you to add watermark to your photos without having to install any other additional app. This is also a freemium tool. The free version of Picmarkr allows you add watermark to 5 photos in one go, as long as they combined not bigger than 25MB. You can also choose whether to select photos from your local storage or import from online service like Flickr.

Tips to add watermark to photos

The main purpose of watermarking photos is nothing but to tell everyone that you are the creator of those photos. You want them to know that all copyrights are belong to you therefore anyone who use your photo have to own a privilege.

But, you don’t have to be exaggerate. Adding a watermark is okay but please to not disrupting your photos by adding too conspicuous logo or text. Below are three important things to consider before adding watermark to your photos.

1. Make copies.

Seriously, you don’t have (and need) to watermarking all of your photos. You only need to add watermark to the photos that you want to release publicly on the in internet. So, before watermarking your photos it’s highly suggested to copy them first and let the original ones remain the way they are.

2. Use the same watermark to all photos.

If used properly watermark can also role as a marketing tool, similar to logo. So, consider to use the same watermark to all the photos you want to release publicly. Text is not a problem as long as you use the same font. But, it would be nicer to use a logo as your personal brand. It will help anyone to easily figure out who is the photographer behind the photos they are seeing.

3. Select a proper location

There are tens of image editing tool out there. Anyone can use them to crop your photos to get rid of your watermark. So, put a watermark on the image part that has a lower risk to get your watermark get dumped. Adding a watermark to the center of the image is not a problem but please to keep it decent by making it looks transparent.

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