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Best Photo Editing Software for Your Phone

Built with the most cutting-edge technologies, phones have now made cameras more or less obsolete. Your phone can probably capture photos of the same quality and resolution as a professional camera. However, taking pictures is not the only thing it can do.

You can choose from an array of editing apps to add wonderful effects to your photos. Showcase your creativity with this editing software and create an incredible collection of photographs with just a few clicks. Here are the top photo editing programs currently available for smartphones.


Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular editing programs for photos on both phone and desktop. While Lightroom’s PC version is the standard software for photography professionals, its mobile version has all the main features. Hobbyists and phone photographers can use the Lightroom app to edit their photos with a wide range of tools.

This software is more sophisticated in comparison to other apps. It gives you more control over the finer aspects of the image. Besides, Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan allows you to store your work on the cloud. With all your photos and under processing work on the cloud, you can edit from anywhere and at any time.


Bazaart allows you to let your creative juices flow freely when it comes to photo editing. It comes with a massive range of templates and tools for making collages and Instagram stories. You can create different layers of graphics and texts to create a complete work. Moreover, you can choose photos from anywhere, be it your gallery, Dropbox or Google photos. 

An interesting feature of this app is the tool for erasing the background from any photo. You can choose any portrait and remove the background, replacing it with a new one in utmost clarity. A premium subscription gives you access to the whole wide range of stickers, tools, and filter library on Bazaart.


VSCO started with making presets for Lightroom. Today, it is a complete phone editing app, which offers multiple artsy filters. From classic filters of film rolls to modern aesthetics, VSCO contains many filmic color grades and combinations. With tools like Split and HSL, VSCO is more suited for advanced photographers. It is also ideal for adding a more sophisticated expression to your photos. 

This app allows 10 free presets to edit photos without a membership. You can also make video montages and save your edits into different Recipes. Besides all the basic editing tools, VSCO offers a community of users that enjoy photography. A subscription membership will bring you access to over 200 VSCO presets for editing images.


A free photo editing app, Snapseed is a Google product. You can work on both JPG and RAW files on this app. It brings 29 filters along with multiple tools for giving a new look to your clicks. The Selective Filter Brush works on Control Point technology and allows you to add more details in the image. Find the best phones at to use Snapseed and engage in creative photography. 

With its White Balance feature, you can make the colors look more natural and balanced. Moreover, the Healing tool lets you remove any unwanted elements from the image. You can edit photos on your phone professionally with many more tools on Snapseed.

Photoshop Express

This list would be incomplete without the classic Adobe Photoshop Express. Available in both desktop and mobile, Photoshop is a photographer’s best friend. It is the perfect platform to embrace your creativity and add stunning effects to your photos. Adobe’s digital studio for this app comes with many features and tools fit for use on a smaller screen. 

Make collages or edit selfies, you can accomplish a lot on this app. From removing noise and correcting perspective to blurring and adding effects, you have a complete spectrum of ideas to explore on Photoshop Express.


A free photo-editing app, PicsArt, is a popular mobile software among photography enthusiasts. It is easier to use than most other apps. Moreover, it offers a set of quirky stickers, backgrounds, and effects to make your photos more interesting. With over 200 fonts and more than 50 unique filters, PicsArt gives you endless choices to edit images.

This is an all-in-one editor where you can make collages, montages, and edit videos as well. It comes with a dedicated toolkit to make your selfies stunning. Besides, you can also make your own stickers and post on social media platforms like Instagram.

Summing Up

Taking pictures and adding the best effects is so much more convenient on your phone. With the above-mentioned editing software, you can edit your snaps and tap into your creative genius! These apps offer you a wide range of filters, tools, and stickers to add a special expression to your photos. 

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