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How to Change Background of Photo Online

If you have taken a photo and after culling understood that it would look quite well on another background — you can easily replace it with a more fitting option in a matter of seconds. In this guide, we will tell you to change the background of the photo in several clicks and free.

Change Background of Photo Online in 5 Easy Steps

Though most people believe that you need to be an experienced Photoshop user to change the background in a photo, in reality, the process can be fast and understandable if you use this Online Background Remover. This is a great program that works equally well on Mac and Windows computers and requires only stable Internet access for you to achieve the desired result.

This free photo background editor is especially popular among users engaged in product promotion because it allows dealing with the busiest backgrounds in a trouble-free way.

Step 1. Choose a Photo You Want to Edit

Once you launch the Online Background Remover, you need to upload a photo in which you will change the background color or remove it completely. There is a special Upload button for the task. Click on it and pick the photo stored on your computer. Another way out is to drag a file and drop it in the working area.

To change the background, you need just 2 instruments — Selection Tool and Eraser Background Tool.

Step 2. Cut Out the Object You Want to Leave on the Photo

In this case, you need the Selection Tool which allows selecting an object that should be kept intact. Actually, you can select 1 or several items that will be outlined in green. This tool works similarly to Magnetic Lasso in Adobe Photoshop, tracing an object precisely along the contour. If the line is interrupted, you can fix this manually with the help of green and red markers.

Selection – > Object Selection and trace the object. Click OK and the object will be placed on a default transparent background. Now, you can see 2 separate areas — the left one contains an original photo, while the one on the right reflects all the changes made.

Step 3. Change the Background

Open the Background tab on the right, choose Image -> Select Image and pick the photo that you consider to be a great replacement for the original background.

If you have a clear idea of what background you need, just find and upload a corresponding photo. Alternatively, you can choose from a collection of offered colors and gradients. Once you’ve decided on the ideal option, click Apply.

Step 4. Enhance the New Background

No matter how hard you try, there may be inconsistencies between the foreground and the background. That’s why you need to use available color correction and image editing tools to give your image a balanced look. You can adjust color, hue, saturation, lighting, and other key parameters.

Go to the Effects toolbar, which contains all the necessary photo editing tools. The intensity of the effect is controlled by a slider, so move it sideways until you reach the ideal value.

If you want to change the background in a photo for a textured one, take advantage of the Eraser tool. Just remove needless elements from a picture or make the outlines more defined.

Besides, you can enable the Brush mode to recover some details from the original background. Just select the tool and move it over the part of the photo where you need the initial background.

Step 5. Use Overlays to Achieve Natural Results

To upload overlays, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Overlays window.
  2. Press Alt + F9 shortcut or select Window tab -> Overlays.
  3. In the Overlays tab, start installing the files.
  4. Choose the button Load Overlays.
  5. Save the overlays on your computer and choose Open.

This Online Background Remover supports third-party plug-ins, so you can upload various creative effects like overlays and apply them to make your images look attention-grabbing. Just choose a professional Photoshop Overlays Collection and take advantage of the effects while working with the background in your photo.

Most overlays can be applied to JPEG and PNG images, which makes them especially helpful when you change the background of a photo online.

If you are pressed for time or can’t deal with complex edits on your own, feel free to address an efficient background retouching service. Experienced retouchers will skillfully perform the changes in accordance with your requirements. You can order background color-changing (transparent, B&W, colorful, etc.), color correction, adding a blurring effect, editing particular objects, resizing, and more. Besides, experts can restore a background, replace the sky, or merge 2 different backdrops. The prices vary from $5 to $25 per image.

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