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Normally, you can check the sticker taped on the bottom of your camera body to check the serial number of your camera. In most cases, the serial number of a camera can also be seen on the camera box and receipt. What if the sticker of the serial is broken and you can find the serial number on the camera box or the receipt?

If you are Nikon user, there are at least two ways to check the serial number of your camera. First, you can figure it out by reading the metadata of the photos taken with the associated camera. Second, you can check the serial number of your Nikon camera via the SnapBridge app.

How to check the serial number of a Nikon camera from metadata

All photos taken with a digital camera contain metadata. It is the set of data that is embedded on a photo. The information contained on metadata can be different depending on how far a photo has been edited. But generally, the initial metadata contains information about the serial number of a camera.

If you want to check the serial number of your digital camera from metadata, you can take a picture with your camera and upload the taken photo to Get-Metadata. Get-Metadata is an online metadata viewer that displays all information contained on metadata, including camera serial number.

Make sure not to edit your photo (except resizing) if you want to check its serial number using Get-Metadata.

How to check the serial number of a Nikon camera using SnapBridge app

SnapBridge is an official app from Nikon that you can use to transfer photos from your Nikon camera to either Android smartphone or iPhone wirelessly (via Bluetooth). Before being able to transfer a photo, you need to connect your camera first. SnapBridge will display the serial number of the connected camera on its main screen.

You can download the SnapBridge on both Google Play and App Store. To connect your camera to SnapBridge, launch the SnapBridge on your smartphone and tap the Connect to camera button (make sure to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone).

Tap one of the camera groups according to the camera model you have.

On your camera, select Connect to smart device on the camera setup menu.

Follow the on-screen instruction until the camera name is displayed on SnapBridge. Once you see the camera name on your smartphone screen, tap on it.

Wait a moment until the connection is complete (you will get a passkey). Once connected, you will see the serial number of the camera you have just connected on the main screen of the SnapBridge app.

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