7 Best Websites to Download Photoshop Brushes

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7 Best Websites to Download Photoshop Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes is available in an .ABR file. If you need additional Photoshop brushes, there are several websites you can visit to download Photoshop brushes and this post will show you the list.

You will realize how crucial a brush is when you use Photoshop to create digital arts. Thankfully, Photoshop allows digital artists to install additional brushes in case they can’t find an appropriate default brush for certain project. You can install new brushes in Photoshop by copying the .ABR file containing your desired brushes to the “Brushes” folder which is located under the installation folder of Photoshop.

Following is the list of websites where you can discover and download Photoshop brushes.

1. Brusheezy

The first website you can visit every time you need to install new brushes on your Photoshop is Brusheezy. There are hundreds of brushes you can discover on this site, all are free to download. Brusheezy allows you to use the brushes you downloaded for any purpose, including commercial. However, you are required to give attribution to Brusheezy. There is a login button you can find on this site, but you can download the brushes without needing to create an account. Brusheezy features a handy search box which you can use to find certain brushes by keyword.

2. Brush King

Brush King is website developed by a French designer Thomas Beal. There are hundreds of Photoshop brush packs. According to a statistic on its site, the brush packages have been downloaded over 47,584,399 times, indicating that the brush collections offered by this site are worth to use. All brushes provided by Brush King are also free to use and you can download them without needing to create any account. There is no specific information regarding the usage rule, whether you are required to give a credit to Brush King or not. One clear thing, you are free to use the brushes you have downloaded.

3. myPhotoshopBrushes

myPhotoshopBrushes is a community-based website. Which means that the contents available on this site are not contributed by a single person. This site doesn’t specifically provide brushes. In addition to brushes, you can also find Photoshop patterns and even gradients. PSD files are also available in case you need one. Same as two first websites above, you can download the Photoshop brushes on this site directly without having to create an account. The license applied on this site allows you to use the brushes you have downloaded for any purpose, but giving a credit to the author is required.

4. FBrushes

It takes a bit foresight to find brushes on this site. There are too many ads on its front page. However, if you want to try discovering Photoshop brushes on FBrushes, there is no sin at all. FBrushes has one thing in common to myPhotoshopBrushes. It is also a community-based website, meaning that the contents are contributed by multiple authors. It also provides other elements outside of brushes, including patterns. FBrushes adopts CC BY-SA 3.0 license, meaning that you can use the brushes for any purpose, but is required to give a credit to the associated author.

5. 123FreeBrushes

123FreeBrushes is also a community-based website so you can discover brushes from different authors. Photoshop brushes available on this are well-arranged. You can find the brushes by category. The handy search box makes it even easier for you to find the brush types you need. You can find a bunch of brushes in several categories like flowers, building, letters, shapes and so on.

6. BrushLovers

BrushLovers is a website where you can download Photoshop brushes for free. In addition, you can also download other Photoshop elements like patterns and gradients. All contents available on this site are free to use for any purpose. BrushLovers comes with a clean enough interface much like Brusheezy, with a handy search box lies on the top-center area of the front page. The brushes are well-arranged to makes it easy for you to explore. BrushLovers itself is a community-based website. No specific information regarding the license, but you are allowed to use the brushes you have downloaded for free for any purpose.

7. GrutBrushes

GrutBrushes is the only site on this list that requires you to create an account before being able to download the brushes. GrutBrushes itself is basically an online shop selling Photoshop brushes, but there are free brushes you can download as well. But again, you are required to create an account before being able to download the brushes.


In case you didn’t know, you can also install Photoshop brushes on GIMP. Visit this post to learn more.

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