How to Export Images to DNG in Lightroom

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How to Export Images to DNG in Lightroom

Each digital camera brand has its own format for the RAW file. Nikon with NEF, Canon with CR2, Sony Alpha with ARW, and Fuji with RAF. Not to mention other brands like Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Leica, and so on. In the digital camera world, hardly any open standard for RAW format. To respond to this issue, Adobe develops a universal RAW format called DNG (Digital Negative). Compared to the native RAW format of popular camera brands, DNG has wider compatibility with image viewing and photo editing software.

If you want to convert RAW files taken using a certain camera brand, you can use Lightroom. This photo retouching tool has a feature that you can use to convert a RAW format of a wide range of camera brands to a DNG format.

How to export images to DNG in Lightroom

On the Library mode, select an image you want to convert to DNG and click the Export button.

You can select multiple images in case you want to convert multiple images at once. To select multiple images, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard while selecting the images using your mouse. But first, make sure to enable the Grid view.

A dialog window will appear once you click the Export button. Open the File Settings block. On the Image Format option, set to DNG. Click the Export button to start exporting the image(s).

Please note that you can only export images into a DNG format in Lightroom Classic and you can only run the converting process via desktop since Lightroom can only be installed on a desktop. You can read the differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic on this post.

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