8 Reasons Why Photographers Need to Consider Switching to Google Photos

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8 Reasons Why Photographers Need to Consider Switching to Google Photos

From Picasa and now Google Photos, Google never forgets photographers and always provide a tool to enable them organizing their photos online. Haven’t on Google Photos? You better start considering to switch to it.

Google Photos is a great tool which can help you organizing your photos online. Of course, it’s not the only online photo management in the market, but Google Photos has some plus points that can be a reason to start switching to.

Google Photos isn’t only good for photographers but also those who frequently work with images. For example, you might work in an online agency and has a responsibility to handle some social media accounts. Your job is updating the social media accounts you are holding. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Sure, you need some supporting images in this case to help your campaigns work as you wish. Don’t you?

This is the role of online photo managements like Google Photos. They enable you to access your photos from any device and anywhere. Furthermore, here are why you need to start considering to use Google Photos.

1. Google Photos offers unlimited storage

Flickr is known for its spacious 1TB of free storage, which is capable for storing around 200,000 photos sized 5MB each file. While most people get impressed with that, some just consider it’s too common. Because Google offers something more. In Google Photos you can store photos as many as you want without any limitation of storage. Seriously?. Yes. But, there is a little requirement. Google will compress your original photos to 16 megapixels and 1080p resolution respectively.

Okay, this resolution isn’t good enough for professional photographers who want to store their original photos. Instead, the resolution is more than enough for regular users who use their high-end smartphones. You can also maximize the unlimited storage feature to store images for your web needs like images for a blog post or social media post. By default, the feature isn’t enabled. You can enable this option from the Settings menu.

2. Google Photos has a built-in editing tool

Another good part about Google Photos is that you can directly add some touches over your photos like adjusting the exposure, saturation, contrast to cropping selected part. Surely, this built-in editing tool is far different to regular image editing tools like GIMP or Photoshop. But, it’s useful enough to add some basic touches over each photo.

To start editing a photo in Google Photos, open the photo you want to edit and click the pen icon. There are three main menus you will see, Color filters, Basic adjustments and Crop & rotate.

3. You can access your photos anywhere

One of advantages of being an online photo managements user like Google Photos is that we can access our photos from anywhere. And also, we don’t have to stick in a single device to work. You can access your photos anywhere from web browser or native app on your smartphone.

4. Google Photos helps you free up your phone storage

If you have Google Photos app installed on your smartphone, you can also use it to help you free up your storage capacity. The way Google Photos helps you is by deleting all the photos and videos. Don’t worry, Google Photos will only delete photos and videos that are already backed up.

To free up your smartphone storage tap on the three-line icon on your smartphone app that is located at the top-left corner and select Free up space. Google Photos will start working to find how many photos that have been safely backed up and can be deleted.

If Google Photos can’t find the photos chances are you haven’t synced your photos. To do this, tap on the Back up & sync option.

5. Google Photos enables you to easily share your photos

Google Photos is also a great tool for working collaboratively with your colleagues. You can share both single photo and album to selected people via email address. Or, you can also share your photos or albums publicly to your Facebook and Twitter account. Just click the share icon (for photo) or three-dot icon (for album) to start sharing.

6. Google Photos has a smart search

If you already have so many photos in Google Photos chances are you will meet some trouble finding photos you want to use. Don’t too worry because Google Photos has a smart search that is really useful to help you finding the photos you want.

For instance, if you want to search for photos of some cute deers you have taken few weeks ago at the park, you can type the word of “deer” or “animal” on the search box and hit enter, and boom! Look what Google Photos present to you.

7. Google Photos lets you recovering accidentally deleted photos

For a certain reason you may want to delete some unused photos that you consider as junks. Unfortunately, your photos are unorganized very well and you’ve deleted some photos of good moments you can’t replay. Just be cool. You can get them back easily in Google Photos.

Google Photos will actually hold your deleted photos for 60 days before they are really deleted. Your deleted photos will be moved to Trash for 60 days. To recover your accidentally deleted photos just click the three-line icon that is located at the top-left corner and choose Trash. You will see a EMPTY TRASH button on the Trash page.

8. Google Photos helps you organizing your photos automatically

Probably, this is the most unique feature of Google Photos that not all similar services have. Here is the story.

You have just installed Google Photos on your smartphone and deciding to sync all of your photos to have an online backup of them (on Google Photos). Then, you start thinking of organizing your photos on Google Photos by creating some albums and gather all the photos thaty have some direct connection with each other.

Seriously, you don’t really need to do that because Google Photos will handle it for you. Just wait until the syncing process is done and reopen your Google Photos via web browser. Click on the Albums menu and you will see some albums that you have never created before. Each album contains sub albums for more specific object.

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