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How to Get the Perfect Winter Shots

Taking photos in winter is a great variant for lovers of the holiday atmosphere. Snow-covered fir trees, city alleys decorated with lights, or cozy photo studios will be ideal locations for the realization of the most unusual ideas! But remember, you need professional equipment to make high-quality pictures. To find out which is better: Canon or Nikon, read Skylum’s blog.

Organization of the Shooting Process in Winter

Winter photoshoot implies some unpleasant moments in the form of redness on the face and hands due to frost and ruined makeup because of snowfall and strong wind. To have a successful photo session, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Some tips on how to organize the shooting day:

  • Before choosing the date of your supposed shoot, find out the weather forecast for that day. The meteorologists may be wrong, but knowing the temperature and amount of precipitation will greatly increase the chances of comfortable weather on the desired day;
  • Girls should use waterproof makeup products;
  • Always wear warm clothes to avoid hypothermia;
  • It is better to have a set of replacement socks and gloves, as you can easily get your feet and hands wet;
  • Try to choose monochrome clothes that match each other;
  • Choose the time of day to take pictures according to your idea. If you plan to take pictures in the winter woods, the morning hours are perfect. If the idea of the photoshoot is a mysterious look in semi-darkness and with lots of light elements, then the evening is a perfect time;
  • Don’t forget the accessories that create the mood of the photos;
  • The supposed location should be examined in advance together with the photographer;
  • Take a light snack and a thermos of hot tea, as the filming process may take too much time.

Places to Take Pictures in the Cold Season

A winter photoshoot is beautiful with a variety of possible photo areas. This makes the photos look different and they are not monotonous. You’ll want to look closely at every picture and notice the smallest details. Here are the most interesting places for winter photo shoots.

Forest or Park

A natural area with snow-covered trees and edges is a boundless field for the photographer’s activity. In such a place you can make a snowman, layout decorations, have a snowball fight, and just have fun. This option is perfect for family shoots.

City Streets

The main streets of cities are always decorated for the holidays. This is a great excuse to take a walk with the whole family or spend time together with your sweetheart.

Cozy Cafe

The previous location can easily be combined with a visit to a cafe. So you not only get a lot of photos but also can warm up with a cup of tea.


The original place to take pictures. Large stores have entire departments with Christmas decorations and winter merchandise.

A River or Lake

A location where safety precautions are most important. It is best to be photographed on the shore, you can get really impressive shots.

The Skating Rink

A great idea for a winter photoshoot with the whole family or just one person. It is best to choose the sessions where the least number of people go skating.

Photo Studio

A win-win option for those who are afraid of the cold and want to be photographed without outerwear.

Interesting Ideas for the Shoot

Aside from the clothes, accessories, and posing, the theme is also important. The basic idea distinguishes each photoshoot from any other. The best ideas for a winter photo session:

  • A photoshoot based on a children’s fairy tale. Here you need unusual costumes or accessories from a Halloween Store that will take you into the atmosphere of childhood;
  • Children’s fun in the form of sledding, playing with snowballs and making a snowman. Such a shooting will remain in the memory for a long time;
  • A small picnic with a hot thermos and fresh pastries. You can cover yourself with plaid for coziness;
  • Decorating a Christmas tree in the forest. For this, you need to prepare beforehand all the Christmas tree toys and tinsel. It is more interesting to decorate the Christmas tree with the whole family;
  • For the lucky owners of four-legged friends, additional variants of photo shoots are possible. A family photoshoot with a dog won’t leave indifferent anyone who sees the result of your efforts;
  • You can also do a photo shoot in the studio with the idea of a family dinner by the fireplace.


A winter photoshoot requires preparation just like any other kind of photography. But in winter you get the coziest and warmest pictures. For a good result, find a professional photographer or try to do the photoshoot yourself. Read Skylum’s blog to find out which is better: Canon or Nikon, and try taking pictures. Think about your image, prepare your clothes and accessories, and most importantly, get in a positive mood!

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