How to Take Professional Photos for Product Cards on a Small Budget

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How to Take Professional Photos for Product Cards on a Small Budget

Each client wants to find the desired product in a short time and complete the purchase. Sellers should do their best to minimize the efforts of their customers and, using the necessary means, provide all the necessary information.

The fastest and most reliable way to find a product is through product images and cards. With the help of photographs, buyers can evaluate the quality of the product and give it their rating.

In this article, we will share how to make professional product photography on a tight budget.

Why do I Need a Product Photo?

The function of creating a product photo is to present the product in an attractive light, present all the parameters and qualities of the product, and also induce a potential buyer to take action.

More than 80% of information is acquired by people through visual perception.

In turn, when choosing, each consumer is guided by the pleasant appearance of the product, and after that, he reads all the characteristics of the product. High-quality images provide a level of trust in your company and guarantee a pleasant experience.

When creating product cards, there are two options for capturing products:

In the first option, all attention is paid only to the product itself. It is depicted on a white background. It is recommended that you create several photos to show the product from all angles.

The second option is to shoot the product against the background of other objects or with a person. Photos in context allow you to add emotional involvement and demonstrate your creativity.

How to Create a Flawless Product Photo

1. Work on the Background

A good background is key to quality photography. To do this, you need to make every effort, because creating a beautiful background will allow you to spend less time post-processing images.

The most optimal option is to choose a light background, as there are fewer options to spoil the image.

If you are working with a live background, pay special attention so that every detail fits neatly into the big picture. If, while viewing the photo, you find that the background turned out to be unsuccessful, then using the image background remover you can easily get rid of it.

2. Product installation

Choose a flat surface where the product will be placed. It can be placed on a wood table or on a white surface to create a feeling of weightlessness against a white background.

For a photo of jewelry, you can use a bust, but if you do not have such an object, then you can use cardboard, cutting out a hole for attaching a necklace or earrings. To demonstrate bracelets, you can use a white thread, which can be easily removed when editing.

When photographing pieces of furniture, they should be placed on a podium or raised surface.

Use double-sided tape to secure the items in place.

If you are selling clothes, then the best option would be if you find a suitable model who will try on clothes. This method will allow customers to see how the clothes fit on the body.

3. Installation of Lighting

The most important thing when creating a photo is lighting. This is a daunting job, but your efforts will pay off when you shorten your photo processing time for better results.

There are two types of lighting available: natural or studio lighting. If you want to minimize costs, then work on using natural light. You do not need to rent a room and set up equipment.

Place the table where the goods will stand by the window, where the maximum amount of daylight falls. If there is too much light, then you can always darken some areas with tissue or paper. In any case, you can always reduce the amount of incident light than if it were not enough for a high-quality shooting.

4. Ensure stability of the camera

You will need a tripod to help prevent a camera shake. A tripod will save you time for a photoshoot and save you from blurry shots.

If purchasing a tripod is too expensive for you, then instead of it you can collect a small stack of books and substitute a small object that will prevent the camera from falling.

In the near future, consider buying a tripod, which will be of invaluable help in your subsequent photography.

5. Choose the Right Camera

It makes no sense to buy expensive equipment when smartphones are in no way inferior to them. If your mobile device is up to date and has manual settings, then this is a great option.

For detailed photos, do not use a wide-angle lens.

Use a small aperture to increase the depth of field and ensure sharp images.

6. Editing

If you want to get great results, then use free photo editing software. This way you can improve the colors of images, remove unnecessary parts of the photo and lighten dark areas.
Through trial and error, you will master this activity and the following photos will outperform those made with professional gear.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create high-quality photos of your products. Do your best to create a winning background, position items correctly, use natural lighting, choose a smartphone with a great camera, and then edit the photo to correct any imperfections.

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