In Which Style to Make a Photo Set? 8 Most Popular Photo Genres

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In Which Style to Make a Photo Set? 8 Most Popular Photo Genres

Let’s look at ideas for a non-standard and attractive photo shoot. Such images can be used to create a professional portfolio, as content on marketplaces, or simply for a personal archive. How to choose the right style for a photo shoot? First, decide in advance on the location of the shooting. Studio photo shoots are more stable and reliable. You don’t have to worry about weather changes or other bad weather conditions.

But professional street photography is best done only in the warm season. If you can’t allocate a large amount of money for a photo shoot, it’s better to focus on street photography. Cityscapes, parks, sea beaches, or other attractive places are suitable for this. Coordinate the location with your photographer in advance. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular photography styles.


This style can also be called vintage, but there is no such characteristic elegance and glamour. Pin-up is not suitable for couples or family photo shoots: the focus is on a young and flirtatious girl in a sexy outfit. Photography is more often done in a studio, but there are also good ideas for outdoor locations — a picnic on the lawn, a bike ride, etc. To make photos more expressive the model should be appropriate to the main character and has some sexy fleur. But even if she doesn’t have it, you always can fix it with retouching. For example, you can a little change the size of her lips or breasts with the editing app. See more details on


This style harmoniously combines glamour, vintage, and ethnicity. Newlyweds very often conduct their shootings in this style, as well as other individual or couple photo shoots. Such shooting can be done in nature with the use of additional thematic props.


At the moment this style is very popular and in demand, so it is very typically used when conducting individual shootings. In order to fully convey the theme and zest of the photo session, it is better to use the services of a professional makeup artist and stylist who will help you create a fabulous image and a unique costume. The ideal location for such a photo shoot would be a forest, field, or another natural environment. Fantasy photo shoots in the winter will look especially impressive: against the backdrop of snow-covered trees, fairy-tale images will look more harmonious. To make your subject more interesting, you may consider these Halloween Contacts for stunning photographs.


Another popular style of photo shooting is in the bosom of nature. Ideally, it is held in lavender fields, but if this is not possible, a country landscape is also suitable. Provence is ideal for individual, couple, or family shootings. Whichever location you choose, do not forget about the main detail — bouquets of lavender or lilac, which enhance the atmosphere of romance and tenderness.


The highlight of this style is the off-season. Photography in the loft style is carried out in a specially equipped studio. The interior of the hall is characterized by a design in dark colors, plastered walls, and panoramic windows. It is an ideal background for individual, less often, couple photo sessions. The loft style is more typically decided for filming fashionable outfits.

Retro or Vintage

There are a lot of options for transformation: immersion in the atmosphere of the 20s, variations on the theme of the post-war 50s, and transformation into the images of black and white movie stars. Vintage photo shoots are best done in a studio. Surrounded by antique furniture and props (vinyl records, radio, typewriter), the image looks organic. Must have dress code — an elegant hat with a veil, a mouthpiece, fur, and gloves.


A universal idea for photo sessions: it is suitable for a couple, family, or just a beautiful portrait shoot. You can pose in ethnic costumes or stay in ordinary clothes — simple and comfortable. In the bosom of nature, there is no place for glamorous suits, expensive cars, or complicated hairstyles.


This style will be useful for shooting clothing collections or for a personal archive. Photos casually are loved by Instagram bloggers who write about fashion or lifestyle. Everything in the frame should be natural and relaxed: the camera captures everyday life, albeit through the prism of retouching. Characteristic features of the casual style are a photo in motion, a minimum of staged poses, and a slight carelessness of the image.

Whatever style you prefer, photos in any case will need retouching. To do this, you can use a special application for processing images Here you can remove skin imperfections, correct the figure or even enlarge the chest. Despite the changes made, the photos will look natural and natural.

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