2 Ways on How Open PSD Files Online

PSD is a file format resulted by Photoshop so you will naturally need a Photoshop as well to open it. But, some photo editing tools (including GIMP) have a compatibility with Photoshop and capable of opening a PSD file. There are even some online photo editing tools that come with the compatibility with Photoshop.

There is no doubt that Photoshop is a great photo editing tool. It’s the king on this market. The vast majority of professional photographers rely on it to make a final touch over their photos. Photoshop is also widely used to create mockup designs.

Photoshop is a paid software and not all people are willing to spend their money to get it, especially if they don’t regularly make a photo editing. What if someone sent you a PSD file, while you have no Photoshop installed on your computer?

There are two online photo editing tools that have the capability to open PSD files. They are Photopea and Pixlr. You can use them to open a PSD file if you have no Photoshop installed on your computer. Following are how to use them to open a PSD file.

1. Using Photopea

  • Visit the website of Photopea.
  • Click the Open From Computer link to select a PSD file from your computer.

If the PSD file you are opening consists of several layers, Photopea will convert them just like Photoshop and other desktop-based tools. As you can see from the screenshot above, the interface of Photopea is a bit similar to Photoshop with a dominant black.

2. Using Pixlr

  • Visit the website of Pixlr online photo editor.
  • Click the OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER link to select the PSD file you are going to open.

Same as Photopea, Pixlr will also convert the layers if the PSD file you are opening consists of several layers. Pixlr also comes with a dominant black interface like Photoshop.


If you need some examples of PSD files, there are plenty of websites that offer free PSD files. Have compiled them on this post.

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