Photography Tricks from Professionals that Anyone Can Master

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Photography Tricks from Professionals that Anyone Can Master

The competition in the business landscape is growing at a rapid pace. There is much that marketers can do to stand apart, with tactics like media advertising, online marketing, print promotion and more. Besides these tactics, commercial photography can play a winning role. This is a complex genre because the overall focus is on clicking pictures that are compelling enough to sell products and popularize brands. And you can’t expect any random click to do it because only something extra engaging sells. There are certain photography tricks and techniques that can make all the difference in this context. Let us list some cool photography tricks that anyone can master.


The composition or arrangement for an image is the primary factor that determines how impactful the visual is. Seasoned professionals follow the “rule of thirds” with photographic arrangements. It involves splitting up the photo with two horizontal and two vertical lines and placing the main object(s) on those lines or at their crossing points. This essential technique gets the interest of the user only on the focused object and drives attention where it matters the most.

The “right” angles

A trick that almost every photographer relies on is embracing unusual angles. This is because angles have the potential to add drama to any simple shot. For example, a bird’s-eye view shot will show the object in a completely different way as compared to a normal front-and-center shot. This is something best left to pro because they know the apt angles to take commercial shots with an interesting perspective.

Exquisite lighting

Another aspect of commercial photography that many struggles to handle is the interaction of light with the objects to be captured. Experts at Paper Prod recommend that this aspect needs extra attention because lighting can make or mar the aesthetics of the images. It may be hard for a layman to understand concepts, such as diffuse, specular and color temperature, but not impossible. Further, there are lighting styles such as front light, backlight, sidelight and three-point that can make a difference to the final result. And it is only with practice that these aspects can be mastered.

Color strategy

When it comes to commercial photography, color theory is like a deep well. The right usage of color combinations and contrasts can go a long way in initiating the attention of the viewer. The key to adding an engagement value to these images is by mastering the color strategy. Experts stick to the language of color and make sure that the ones they use in the photos connect with the brand’s message as well.

Innovative techniques

In addition to the basics of commercial photography, there are some innovations that professional photographers infuse in their work. High speed, slow motion, and smoke sensations are examples of special effects they add to the images they create. Effects such as freezing high-speed action or slowing it down can take commercial advertising photography to the next level.

Undoubtedly, commercial photography is an art and a professional is like an artist who can bring bland objects to life with some amazing tricks. It is equally important to be aware of these tricks and techniques so that you can improve and make your photoshoot better.

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