This App Gives You Random Wallpapers from Unsplash

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This App Gives You Random Wallpapers from Unsplash

Sometimes, photographers need to take a look others’s works to get inspired for the next shots they want to take. Unsplash is one the best online resources where photographers can explore and discover beautiful photos from photographers from around the world. No matter you are new to photography or already seasoned ones, you can take part of the site.

Sure, Unsplash is not the only photo sharing platform where photographers can showcase their works. But, I personally love the platform due to its warm community and yeah, its abundant beautiful collections. The community of Unsplash has been growing massively since it was begun back in 2013.

Speaking of Unsplash, it might would be great idea if we could bring the beautiful photos from Unsplash to our desktop and turn them as wallpaper. Thanks to Splashy, you can now bring the beautiful photos from Unsplash and turn them as your desktop wallpaper. The app will automatically set the wallpaper randomly in a certain interval that you can set.

Splashy is available for three major desktop platforms Windows, Mac and Linux. The app allows you set the interval of how often it should change the wallpaper automatically. Starting from 1 minute to 24 hours. You can also set the app to launch every time you login to your machine (This option is enabled by default).

The app is a created by a nice guy named Tomislav Čukelj. If you interested to give this app a try just visit to get the app. Linux users can run the following command to install the app (Debian-based only).

sudo dpkg -i Splashy-v1.0.deb

Just be sure you have a decent internet connection before installing the app since it will download the photos from the Unsplash site.

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