How to Search for Photos by Exif Data with ShutterDial

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How to Search for Photos by Exif Data with ShutterDial

There are many ways of how to improve your photography skills. Newbie photographers can take advantage of others’s works by figuring out the Exif data of a certain photo. An Exif data will tell you the camera settings used by the photographer behind the photo you are learning. Sounds simple but, it’s quite helpful. The question is, how to search for photos by Exif data?

One of the answers is shutterdial.

Shutterdial is a photography search engine that you can use to discover photos by certain parameters you can set, be it focal length, shutter speed to aperture. You can also filter the displayed outputs by typing your preferred keywords.

How to use shutterdial?

There is no complex steps you need to do to find the photos with shutterdial. Just visit the website of shutterdial and you will immediately know what you supposed to do. There are three basic camera settings you can set in shutterdial: focal length, shutter speed and aperture. Just change the default number with your preferred ones.

To change the focal length you need to type the numbers manually. While to change the aperture and shutter speed you can slide the available panel. Once done setting the parameters just hit the BUILD CONTACT SHEET button and you will get the stuffs you want.

How shutterdial works?

Shutterdial was created by a photographer named Tianhe Yang by utilizing the APIs from the two famous photo sharing platforms Flickr and 500px. Which mean, you have a huge chance to get the results you want since they both have a very abundant collections. Shutterdial only displays the photos that are allowed to be displayed via third parties apps.

Shutterdial is obviously a pretty cool app for any photographer to get inspired. Newbie photographers can take advantages of it to learn a new technique by learning the Exif data. While seasoned photographers can use it to discover new ideas of their next photoshoot.

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