7 Best Websites to Sell Lightroom Presets

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7 Best Websites to Sell Lightroom Presets

There are lots of ways to make money from photography. In addition to selling photos and offering photography services, you can also sell your Lightroom presets. If you have no idea where to sell your Lightroom presets, we have collected the best websites you can visit to do so.

A Lightroom preset itself is a file that stores the adjustments you made to a photo. In the current Lightroom version, presets are stored in files with an extension of .xmp. But, you can still import preset files with an extension of .lrtemplate. The preset feature is available on all Lightroom versions. Be it Lightroom, Lightroom Classic (read: the differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic), Lightroom web, and Lightroom mobile (Android and iOS).

7 best websites to sell Lightroom presets

Here are the websites you can visit to sell your Lightroom presets.

1. Creative Market

Creative Market is a great website for those passionate in the creative industry, including photography. You can use this website to sell your photography products. From photos, Photoshop add-ons, to Lightroom presets. You can sell your presets in a bundle with a certain license, just like when you are selling stock photos. There are three licenses you can apply to your presets: Personal, Commercial, and Extended Commercial. Creative Market allows you to customize your profile page to make it easy for you to build your personal brand.

2. Envato Elements

If you are a WordPress user, you must already familiar with ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Envato Elements is under the same umbrella as two websites. This website is owned by Envato. Same as Creative Market, Envato Elements also allows you to sell your photography products. You can sell your photos or Lightroom presets on this website. You can sell your presets in a bundle just like Creative Market. Envato Elements will pay you 50% of the net subscription revenue. Nod bad.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a market place that allows users to sell creative products. Be it a tangible product or an intangible product such as Lightroom presets. On Etsy, you will only be charged once you make a sale. The fee amount tends to small, only 5 percent. To make your presets get more sales, Etsy also offers Office Ads feature to display your presets across the web. Again, you will be charged when you make a sale from your ads. Etsy comes with an analytics feature to check the performance of your sale.

4. Graphic River

Graphic River is another market place owned by Envato. This website is especially dedicated for designers where they can sell design-related products such as fonts, logos, icons, vectors, and so on. Photographers who use Lightroom can also sell their presets on this site. You can register to be an Envato Author to start selling your Lightroom presets on Graphic River.

5. FilterGrade

FilterGrade is a great website for photographers to make extra money. If you use Lightroom, you can sell Lightroom presets on this website. If you use Capture One, you can also sell your Capture One styles on this website. FilterGrade offers high enough commission. You earn 70% on every sale. FilterGrade applies a non-exclusive agreement. Meaning that the presets you sell on this website can be sold on other websites. FilterGrade pays on a monthly basis via PayPal.

6. Foto Presets

Same as FilterGrade, Foto Presets also offers a high enough commission rate. You will get 70% for every preset bundle you sell. Your chances to earn extra money from selling presets are getting higher since Foto Presets also applies a non-exclusive agreement, allowing you to sell your presets on your own websites or other similar websites. When selling a preset bundle on this website, you can set your own price. You will also get paid by PayPal on a monthly basis.

7. RAW Presets

RAW Presets is another website you can visit to sell your Lightroom presets. This website offers 50% of every sale of the preset bundle. You can also set your own price when selling your preset bundle on this website. The RAW Preset agreement also you to sell your preset bundle on other websites since RAW Presets doesn’t require exclusivity.

The bottom line

Selling stock photos to sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock is the common practice adopted by photographers in the internet era like today. If you are looking for an idea to make extra money from doing what you love (photography in this case), selling Lightroom presets can be a nice idea. Being the most popular photo retouching tool, Lightroom is used by a wide range of parties. From professional photographers, photography hobbyists, to regular users who want to maintain their existence on Instagram.

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