Here is What You Can Expect During a Wedding Session in the Face of Covid-19

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Here is What You Can Expect During a Wedding Session in the Face of Covid-19

With the ongoing second wave of the pandemic, the spread of infections is currently being controlled with local lockdowns. This is definitely good on the one hand. However, on the other hand, it can impact weddings and engagements. Couples have a right to postpone and delay their grand day and set another date when things will be better. But for some couples, a delay and postponing of the event means additional expenses.

Nonetheless, in the face of COVID-19, numerous restrictions need to be accepted. The gatherings can be held in a wedding venue with open and spacious areas, with the closest family and friends. Wedding venues such as the hotel wedding venues in Flagstaff can be considered as a great option.

You may also look for a venue that has a Temperature Scanning Kiosk at the entrance as an additional precaution. In addition, you may need to find a private event catering company in advance. Read why it’s perfect to have fish and chip van for weddings.

If your wedding is coming up, you will still be finding wedding photographers who will be more than happy enough to capture this special moment of your life. You can also hire letter lights to make your wedding that extra bit special. You can have a simple wedding now, and a blast party later. That said, a couple of rules will be followed that will allow social distancing to be kept intact while the guests and the couple can still enjoy the big event.


I am sure that you must have witnessed a situation where the music played during the wedding ceremony’s walking or walkout suddenly stopped. It might be very disappointing for couples but that iPhone playing that song perfectly just a moment ago suddenly pulled all stops. What happens next? Well, many photographers will be familiar with the site where they will see 5 to 6 wedding guests huddled over the device, trying to figure out. Meanwhile, some Aunty Jane, another wedding guest, joins them and offers them to play a song from her playlist. In such a situation, it gets impossible to practice social distancing. Therefore, the chance of getting infected increases dramatically. Such risks can be curbed by banning music.

Mask on vs. Mask off

Undoubtedly, you can’t keep the protective face masks on during the entire ceremony. We have to look at the bigger picture. Suppose the couple performs the photoshoot with their protective face masks on. In that case, it will make a good photo describing the current situation in which the wedding took place. However, for a better photo shoot, the couple can be unmasked. In fact, the bride and the groom ought to be the only unmasked people during the ceremony. The registrars and the crew of the photographers should be masked-up (click for additional info). If it weren’t for social distancing and abiding by state’s laws, then the closest family members, already sharing a roof, shouldn’t have to wear masks at all.

However, everything depends on the venue and the precautionary steps that ensure that all attendees of the wedding stay safe and protected. Temporary unmasking might be possible, but only if it includes closest family members. That said, it is all about capturing memories of special events. Therefore, it is crucial to find a great wedding photographer in Portland, Maine. That said, photo group shots might be impacted due to social distancing except for closest family group shots. The remaining photos will generally stay unaffected, with most photos taken from a safe distance.

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