Samsung Chromebook 3 vs Acer Chromebook 11: Which One is The Better?

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Samsung Chromebook 3 vs Acer Chromebook 11: Which One is The Better?

Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are two entry-level laptops. Using Chrome OS as the operating system, the two are ideal choice for on the go need. Those laptops can run on the battery for over 10 hours so it will be no serious problem to be working at a public area that has no power source.

Be it Samsung Chromebook 3 or Acer Chromebook 11 come with a 11.6-inch screen. Due to the smaller size, it’s easy to slip them on the suitcase or backpack. You can also use Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 at the office, but I don’t think that it will be a good idea to make them the main work device.

Since Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are Chrome OS based, they depend on internet to work optimally. You won’t be able to do much things with a Chromebook device unless you have an internet connection when working. For this, be it Samsung Chromebook 3 or Acer Chromebook has been equipped with a Wi-Fi connectivity.


Wi-Fi is just one of the beginning. There are many other features and specs you can compare to figure out which is the better between those entry-level laptops.

Just like the vast majority of Chromebooks, both Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 come with fewer storage capacity. However, you can expect much on speed since they use eMMC — which is way faster than HDD. Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 use the same processor as the core component. The processor used by those Chromebooks is Intel Celeron N3060 which has the clock speed of 1.6 GHz.

Following are the detail specs of Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11.

[table id=22 /]


Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are 11-inch laptops designed for on the go need so they come with a thin enough design. The total thickness of those Chromebooks are not bulkier than 1 inch. Samsung Chromebook 3 has a 0.7-inch thin body while Acer Chromebook 11 has a 0.87-inch thin body.

  • Samsung Chromebook 3

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The design of Samsung Chromebook 3 is sleek enough, with a dominant-black. With fewer ports (at least when compared larger laptops), the design of this 11-inch Chromebook looks tidier. You will only see two ports on the left side of the body — a headphone jack and a USB port, respectively. While the rest of the ports — a HDMI and another USB port lie on the right side. This Chromebook has a wide enough touchpad — which is handy enough to replace the role of mouse.

The casing of Samsung Chromebook 3 is made of plastic material, with a subtle texture around the display area to help minimizing reflections from the glossy bezel. Overall, the design of Samsung Chromebook 3 is not bad at all. If you are a fan of devices with a dark design then Samsung Chromebook 3 will suit you.

  • Acer Chromebook 11

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The design of Acer Chromebook 11 is not much different to Samsung Chromebook 3. If seen from behind (lid), you will see the Acer logo lies on the center-left with a Chrome logo right above it. The major difference is the color of the body. Acer Chromebook adopts a brighter color than its competitor. The casing of this Chromebook is also made of plastic material — which features a hard rubber bumper around its frame and a grippy, “anti-slip” texture on its underside.

Acer Chromebook 11 also has a wide enough buttonless touchpad to makes it easy for you to move the cursor. There is a USB port on the right side (from your point of view) of its body — along with a lock hole. The rest ports lie on the left side of Acer Chromebook 11 body. Acer Chromebook 11 is a bit bulkier than Samsung Chromebook 3. This Chrome OS-based laptop has a strong hinge. Same as Samsung Chromebook 3 above, you will also be able to tilt the screen orientation up to 180 degree, allowing you to lay the panel to flat for collaboration.


As an entry-level laptop, be it Acer Chromebook 11 or Samsung Chromebook 3 tend to ideal for handling lighter computing tasks. There is no one to prohibits you if you want to use them for playing heavy online games, but please keep in mind that they have a low specs. The ideal use of Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are for standard computing tasks like editing documents, browsing the web, watching YouTube videos and so on.

  • Samsung Chromebook 3

You have known the full specs of Samsung Chromebook 3 on the table above so you should also know how you supposed to use this laptop. From the specs above, you see that Samsung Chromebook 3 is a laptop with a long battery life. You can use at a public area — like airport — for hours without needing to plug it into the power source. As mentioned, the best use Samsung Chromebook 3 is for on the go. You can also use it on a meeting with clients or colleagues.

With the specs like you can see on the table above, you will be able to use Samsung Chromebook 3 for handling several tasks at once. For instance, you can open multiple tabs (more than 10) on Google Chrome at once while watching videos or playing some light online games. The graphic performance of Samsung Chromebook 3 — which is powered by integrated Intel HD Graphics 400 is also not too bad. The WebGL Aquarium test showed this laptop rendered 2,000 fishes in the tank at 23 frames per second.

  • Acer Chromebook 11

The full specs of Acer Chromebook 11 are extremely similar to Samsung Chromebook 3 so the overall performance of this laptop is not much different to its competitor. You can also use this laptop to open multiple tabs on Chrome at once while performing other tasks like editing documents or watching videos. Acer Chromebook 11 won’t show any serious problem for such tasks. Acer Chromebook 11 itself displayed 2,000 fish at a stuttering 25 frames per second on the WebGL Aquarium graphics test.

Price comparison

Both Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are affordable laptops. You can get them for under $300. The price itself can be vary depends on the storage capacity you choose.

Almost forget to mention. Be it Samsung Chromebook 3 or Acer Chromebook 11 offer two different storage spaces: 16GB and 32GB. With the same storage capacity, the price of Samsung Chromebook 3 is slightly cheaper than Acer Chromebook 11. You can check the price of those Chromebooks on the specs table above.


[table id=24 /]

Both Samsung Chromebook 3 and Acer Chromebook 11 are entry-level laptops with a fantastic battery life. If you are looking for a laptop for on the go, those two laptops are so much worth-considering. They are also affordable. The overall performance of those laptops are not much different since they are powered by the same processor — and supported by the same RAM size. But sometimes, choosing a laptop is about brand.

If you are a big fan of Samsung then there is no reason not to choosing Samsung Chromebook 3. Conversely, if you are an Acer fan then Acer Chromebook 11 is the unit you should choose.

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