5 Excellent Ways Technology Helps You Attain Competitive Advantages

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5 Excellent Ways Technology Helps You Attain Competitive Advantages

Technology is constantly revolutionizing the way businesses operate, compelling business owners to incorporate the latest technological solutions. Leveraging technology in almost every business function has become a fundamental requirement of running a successful business. However, the biggest question in the mind of every business owner or entrepreneur is ‘how can they use technology to attain a competitive advantage over others?’

SMBs need to adapt to emerging technology to remain relevant and access a broad marketplace in today’s modern business environment. Moreover, there is no doubt that technology rapidly enhances and improves business operations. After all, you have to remain three steps ahead of the competition for doing business in a competitive marketplace. And technology is the only viable solution.

However, benefits aside, business owners and entrepreneurs first need to know how technology provides them with a competitive edge. So, today we will share a few ways you can achieve a competitive advantage and hopefully take your business to new heights of success. So, without further ado, let us determine how technology dependence can result in securing competitive advantages.

Upscale Business Operations

In today’s era, even small businesses are giving large enterprises a tough time by utilizing technologically advanced systems and software. Most of these small ventures are capitalizing on disruptive innovation and leveraging technology to offer the masses exceptional services. Whether the business operation relates to financial matters, supply chain processes, recruitment procedures, or marketing activities, technology penetrates every function.

Organizations must realize their core competencies and then incorporate technological solutions and tools to optimize them fully. For instance, if you own a self-storage business, you must first identify your core competencies or critical success factors. Determine what appeals to your customers and leverage technology in that particular domain to provide improved service quality. Are your customers looking for storage unit security or temperature controls? Or are they inclined towards quick customer services? Whatever the case may be, it is highly imperative to utilize self storage technology to provide your customers superior services.

Incorporate Remote Working into Your Business Practices

Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly digitized, allowing for improved flexibility to work remotely from anywhere they want. So, now is the time to promote this culture in your workplace and start taking advantage of millions of remote workers. Moreover, the cloud serves as the ultimate place where most businesses embrace technology to the fullest. Cloud technology makes processes more straightforward, from managing employees to business processes to balance sheets and invoices and everything in between. Moreover, early adopters will benefit from cloud-based technologies the most. It will provide them with the ability to lay the foundation for hiring a tech-savvy workforce.

Improve Online Presence

The internet is a vast place where all your customers and clients are almost always available. Every human being on this planet now opts for the internet to find information. Moreover, smartphone searches have taken over desktop searches and are the primary way to acquire information online. So, develop a prominent online presence to ensure your business doesn’t get left out when people search for solutions online. Technology allows you to create a company website through which potential customers can get in touch with you and purchase your services and products.

In addition, not having a company website or online presence, for that matter, will question your business’s credibility and integrity. Think of your website as an online, virtual billboard where internet surfers are passersby, just like they would when driving by an actual billboard. Moreover, ensure that your website is well-optimized for an excellent mobile viewing experience. Furthermore, utilizing a social media marketing strategy would further expand your reach.

Businesses working with a limited budget will find such an approach to be highly effective. That said, out-witting your competition in a widely populated online space will depend on how well you utilize social media platforms. So, ensure that you explore every option and provide unique, captivating content.

Utilize Collaboration and Teleconferencing Tools

As mentioned before, technology allows you to constantly remain in touch with your workforce through remote working technologies. However, to take it one step further, you can incorporate collaboration tools into your business practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Indeed, implementing such measures can be costly, but your investment will be worthwhile in the long run. You can utilize digital tools to allow interdepartmental communication, ensuring work gets done quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, teleconferencing tools such as Zoom and Skype enable you to hold meetings, conduct interviews remotely. Moreover, project management tools such as Slack are perfect for project management and collaboration. In the end, taking advantage of digital devices and apps is a surefire way to gain a competitive advantage while improving your business operations in the process.

Leverage Data Analytics Tools

Data is undoubtedly a precious asset in today’s competitive business world, and it keeps on growing at break-neck speeds. That said, data analytics tools enable you to gain insight into market trends, allowing you to make informed business decisions. Nowadays, various data analytics software provides you with analytical capabilities and advanced reporting to help you understand customers’ preferences, business performance, and market trends.

Moreover, business owners and managers can also access these performance metrics and analytical reports through a mobile-based portal or web-based dashboard. It makes the entire process hassle-free and manageable. Furthermore, the insight presented by these tools will improve your business practices and ensure effective decision-making.


These days the impact of technology on businesses helps companies to anticipate the power of technology so they will control their market position more efficiently.

On the other hand, businesses that don’t respond proactively will have to take a back seat and wither away slowly. So, if you want to remain competitive and hopefully thrive in the future, consider incorporating technology into your business processes one way or another.

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