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Best Productivity Hacks to Stay Effective

Productivity plays a huge role while we work and during our usual daily routine. It is always a pleasant feeling when you realize that you have managed to do everything you need. Let’s discuss some of the distractions, which keep our productivity at a low level.

Internet surfing. The Internet is a source of knowledge and inspiration, but try not to ask him unnecessary questions at work. Instead of immediately finding out how many series there are in your favorite TV show, write down all the questions in a notebook: there will be something to do in your spare time and important things will not suffer.

Multitasking. The employers should remove multitasking from the essential qualities of a good employee: by grabbing everything at once, a person concentrates less and makes more mistakes. When people think they are doing several tasks at once, they are actually just switching from one to the other very quickly. And each such switch requires mental effort, that is why this process doesn’t always give good results.

Frequent email checks. How many times do you check email and personal messages on social networks? Yes, it may not be long, and you may not notice that, but, on average, a person spends more than 20% of the working week on such activities. Set a time to check your emails (morning, noon, and evening), and turn off messages so you don’t get distracted. If it takes too much of your time, try to use an email organizer, like Clean Email. This app will help you simplify inbox management and organize your incoming messages to relevant folders once they hit your inbox.

Postponement of important tasks for the evening. If you leave important arrangements for the evening, you forget that attention, the ability to concentrate and make the right decision are reduced due to banal fatigue. Plan responsible tasks for the time when you will be as collected, vigorous, and energetic as possible.

Rigid plan of things that need to be done. Do not try to paint every free minute. Life is full of surprises, some tasks require more attention and time, and dependence on a schedule not only limits you in maneuvers, but also causes severe stress, the consequences of which will immediately affect your health. Try to plan 4 hours of work, and leave the rest of the time to improvisation.

Lack of any plans. Yes, this is the same extreme as the previous paragraph. Without a strategy, you will grab things that have accidentally turned up (they are never lacking), forget about the important things, waste time and energy. Stay rational and consistent, and then no surprise will be able to derail you.

Perfectionism. Perfectionism, like everything in this world, is good in moderation. To finish the job, at a certain stage you must finally be satisfied with the result, otherwise endless edits and fear of making a mistake will take away from you all the strength, motivation and desire to work. Be able to stop in time and do not demand the impossible from yourself: no one is perfect.

These are just a few of the best tips on how to stay organized and effective at work. If you have your own distraction factors, make sure to eliminate them as soon as possible.

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