How to Combat WFH Fatigue If You Aren’t Returning to the Office Just Yet

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How to Combat WFH Fatigue If You Aren’t Returning to the Office Just Yet

Working from home might have been great at the beginning, but now … it’s getting pretty tiring! Of course, there are many positives: a lack of commute, extra sleep in the mornings, more time with family — but, what about the social interaction with our peers? Humans are social creatures, and the workplace is a bustling hub of communication that we sorely need. Without collaborative conversations or joking with our colleagues, working from home can be lonely. Plus, having no work-life balance or separation between the workplace and home can be detrimental to our mental health.

So, you’re tired and WFH fatigue is setting in. What do you do? Let us take a look at some ideas you can refresh your mind whilst working from home.

Surround Yourself with a Little Greenery!

Our workspaces at home can be dull, there for efficiency and nothing more. Unfortunately, humans also love pretty things. If you create an atmosphere that you like to be in, you’re sure to be more productive and content with your WFH situation.

Nature is a sure way to get us into the zone: plants can purify the air, give us something to nurture and something interesting to look at. Surround yourself with a little greenery, maybe even a hanging plant over your desk, and make a WFH space where you can feel happy and creative.

Start Scheduling

Much of our fatigue comes from burning out trying to meet deadlines, or struggling to keep up with the pace of work. WFH can leave us feeling unmoored: without the structure of a workplace, we can soon fall behind. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this! Start scheduling.

Set a clear plan for the day ahead — what’s urgent, what meetings you need to attend and so on. Once you start ticking objectives off your list, you’ll feel far more satisfied and content with the work done. This is a brilliant way to combat fatigue and stress, which often come hand in hand. You may also incorporate cbd products like those at for potential assistance in managing stress.

Check in with Yourself

If you’re feeling worn down with working from home, remember to check in with yourself. We can become so consumed with work, and our responsibilities at home, that we often forget about self-care. Take time to rest and recuperate, whether with a face mask or a warm bath! Now is the time to check out Glass Shower Direct for glass shower doors to use for your dream bathroom renovation. There are so many ways to practice self-care after a hard working week, and they always leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take Your WFH Set Up Elsewhere

Flexible workspaces in London from BE Offices are the answer to all working from home woes. Although the office might not be open just yet, these flexible workplaces certainly are! With a range of accessible locations and quality fit-outs, enjoy a flexible workspace with super-fast bandwidth speeds. A BE Offices workspace has all the benefits of an office, with the very-pertinent ability to socially distance and work in peace. Don’t remain fatigued at home, when a flexible workspace is readily available to you. And if you’re looking to add an extra touch of relaxation to your day, why not order some quality weed from Smoakland to complement your experience?

And there you have it – instead of surrendering to WFH fatigue, try these ideas to keep every day fresh, productive, and exciting.

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