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Essential Tools For IT Professionals

If you work in IT then there are lots of services and solutions designed to improve your productivity, boost your effectiveness and generally make your job less vexing.

Of course, knowing which tools are available is half the challenge, so here is a run-through of the most impactful assets you might consider adopting.

Server monitoring software

Many IT pros are responsible for maintaining and monitoring SQL servers, which is a potentially challenging prospect that requires the right software to achieve efficiently.

There are lots of different suites intended to overhaul and automate server monitoring, with brands like SentryOne, DynaTrace, and Solar Winds all competing for your custom. Look out for packages that include the ability to track hardware performance and network usage so that you can spot problems as soon as possible and act to address them, rather than allowing them to run rampant and disrupt the end-user experience.

Security tools

Another key concern for any IT professional will be security, particularly at a time when data breaches are more common than ever.

With a raft of different security solutions available, you should be spoilt for choice in this respect. However, it is again important to consider your needs and make sure you compare the different packages and platforms to select one which will keep your systems safe from exploitation without compromising on performance or usability.

Whichever tools you select, it is also vital that you update your software regularly, since this is the only way to make sure that you are shielded against the ever-evolving threats generated by cybercriminals. Even if it is a pain to roll out updates across the myriad devices and systems for which you are responsible, the effort will be worthwhile when compared to the alternative of having to recover after a successful breach.

Communication solutions

It is impossible for IT specialists to work in a vacuum in most scenarios, so being able to communicate with colleagues will empower you to work effectively and make sure that best practices are maintained across the organization.

The explosion of conferencing and collaboration software in recent years has helped make this simpler, with established services like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, alongside fast-growing alternatives such as Zoom, allowing for a combination of different communication options to be available.

From instant messaging and file sharing to video calling and beyond, these solutions can be harnessed in whatever way you see fit and can streamline various aspects of working as a team as well as engaging with the wider organization.

Physical tools

While a lot of IT work can be done entirely in software, plenty of professionals will need to get hands-on with actual hardware as part of their day to day work. If this is on the cards for you, then there are a few very important tools that you will need to do this successfully.

One of the most significant investments you can make is in an anti-static wristband, which is designed to prevent static electricity from passing from your body to any of the extremely sensitive and expensive components you are handling. Since static shocks can brick processors and cause data loss in storage devices, this type of wristband can save you and your organization a lot of money and headaches.

It is also worth splashing out on tools designed to test and inspect your IT infrastructure, such as a network cable tester that can be useful in troubleshooting connectivity issues as and when they arrive. Sometimes spending a small amount on the right tools will deliver significant savings in the long run.

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