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Since we are living in the era of digital technologies, an increasing number of people get attracted by the idea of programming and coding. Some do it for fun, while others think about it as a potential career option. Do you see yourself in one of these groups? Are you thinking about enrolling in a programming course? Maybe you already developed skills but are unsure about the available opportunities?! It is also possible that you are using the code online platform for some time now, but didn’t succeed yet to be paid to code online.

Let us tell you something! Whatever is the case, if you are into programming or coding but you are not making some serious dough, you are missing out on many chances. Here is the thing. It is one of the most lucrative skills today and it brings a plethora of opportunities to make cash whether you are coding for games such as Worms online or something else. Apart from that you can become your own boss and organize your time as you wish. In this text, we are going to share some ways to get paid to code online!

Got to Get Paid to Code Online


Have you noticed that an increasing number of people nowadays want to go into freelancing? Can you think of the reasons why? It is simple! Although freelancing can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, it allows you to make enough money and have as much free time as you want. Besides the appropriate freelancing platform, you need to have the right mindset and marketing skills and you are good at coding in the online space. Even those without coding experience can now create their own web applications effortlessly with an AI website builder.

Create Online Tutorials

Another thing you can do is teach people to code online in Python or another program. Plenty of people want to learn to code online and are willing to pay a good price for an experienced tutor. There are many learning platforms, such as Udemy, where you organize your courses and sell them to your audience. Apart from that you can create a YouTube channel and post your learn-to-code online YouTube tutorials.

Create Video Games

You probably know that gaming is a growing industry. The statistics show that there is even an increase in the number of people who are playing video games, due to pandemic. Hence, it is safe to conclude that the gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with the tendency to grow more.

Write About Coding

Another way to participate in code online learning is to create a blog about it. If you are a good writer as you are a programmer, you can share the knowledge by writing about it. You can write tutorials, how-to guides, etc. It may take some time before you manage to monetize your blog, but if you are passionate about it, it is worth trying it out.

Create Website Themes

If you have an artistic side, you can code online website themes to earn money. Wondering how? There are plenty of people who are struggling to find themes they like for their websites. If they like what you offer them, they will pay a good amount of money for it.

Create a Popular App

There was a time when we lived without apps. But, this has not been the case in the past 15 or 10 years, right? Now there are millions of apps for everything. Whether you are starting a web or mobile app, the most important thing is that you have a good idea and the way to implement it. You can start by creating small games that work on Android and iOS devices and earn money by selling access to the app or through ads and microtransactions.

Write Articles

You may wonder why we talk about this when we already mentioned blogging. However, these two things aren’t the same. If you are passionate about writing, you can also write professional tech articles and sell them to different portals and websites.

Join a Coding Competition

Believe it or not, there is a competition for everything, including coding. If you are an expert in programming, you can easily participate in them to code online and earn money. Some of the websites that organize competitions are TopCoder, Codewars, etc.

You Can Become Data Analyst

If you know Python, you can look for career opportunities as a data analyst. Various companies such as Bloomberg are continually searching for people who have expertise in Python to help them work on a massive amount of data.

Become a Data Journalist

It is another great opportunity for people who have experience with Python. People love to read good stories that are backed with data and statistics. And in a world such as ours, where news travels super fast, we need good data journalists. The main reason is that your expertise allows you to sort a large amount of information, and analyze it adequately.


Of course, you can go to interviews and pass coding exams to get a job in a company. But not everyone is attracted to this idea. Some people prefer to code online to earn their living and be their boss. Even those who are working somewhere full-time can be drawn by this as a way to make some extra cash. As we mentioned, programming is one of those skills that comes with a myriad of opportunities! You just need to be persistent and patient, and nothing can stop you. Have you considered coding online already?

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Jeffrey Bishop is a freelance journalist and a programmer, living in San Diego, and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Several years ago, he started a blog to write about programming. He is also writing for our portal.

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