High-Demand and High-Paying Professions in the United States

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High-Demand and High-Paying Professions in the United States

The United States of America is a country with enormous opportunities and a very developed financial and economic sphere.

In 2021, the state’s unemployment rate was 4.4%, which means that almost all occupations are in demand in the United States. But among them, there are a number of occupations that every state in America needs.

Occupations in Demand

The most sought-after occupations in the United States should not be confused with the highest-paying occupations. As a rule, the professions in demand are not well-funded. This list includes occupations with low wages, so many Native Americans and immigrants are reluctant to work in this field for such wages, which results in a shortage of a certain group of labor force.

Statistics show that only about 33 percent of American citizens are employed in in-demand occupations. The rest of the workers are foreign nationals who immigrate to America or who come to this country to work and earn money. If you plan to hire foreign nationals in your company, you may consult with a Forced Labor Trade Law Services firm to ensure you comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements. Those who are hired from overseas may seek family-based green card legal representation to help with their immigration documents. They may also consult with an employment lawyer if they experience any form of discrimination at work.

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In-demand occupations in the United States are:

Retail Sales Workers

Do not require many special skills and qualifications for this occupation. Sales assistants earn an average of $26,000 USD per year. That’s far less than the median annual salary in the U.S., which was $37,440 in 2020. According to studies conducted by the Department of Labor, demand for such a specialty will grow another 6 to 7 percent over the next 5 years.


The medical industry has a hierarchy of specialties that pay highly. Lately, anesthesiologists have been firmly in the top positions in the salary rankings. The demand for these specialists is undiminished around the world. So actually, you’ll need to improve your subjects by using chemistry homework help, asking your teacher for additional homework and ask your friends.

In addition to anesthesia itself, doctors of this specialty take part in resuscitation activities and surgical treatment. Their services are needed before the surgery, during surgery, and after. It is the anesthesiologist’s responsibility to ensure the maximum level of patient safety.

Restaurant and Hospitality Workers

Low wages and difficult working conditions provoke employee turnover, so hostesses, maids, bartenders, dishwashers, waiters, and cooks are needed in every state in America. The average caterer earns between $19,000 and $20,000 a year.

The work in restaurants, hotels, and fast-food outlets is suitable not only for American students as part-time jobs, but also for foreign nationals who came to America because most positions do not require a college degree from the applicant. You can try applying at any of the food production jobs in Modesto, CA.

Office Employees

These include secretaries, receptionists, and administrative sector employees. Salaries of office workers vary from 30,000 to 45,000 USD per year depending on the position.

Medical Staff: Nurses, Nurse Practitioners

The demand for nurses comes primarily from the aging of the American people. Nursing salaries are not very low, with an average of $65,000 to $75,000 a year for nurses.

The main advantage for migrants is that there is no need to retrain, and all that is needed is a diploma (or other educational document) as well as Apprenticeship Programs.

According to research conducted by the Ministry of Labor, the demand for nurses in the next 5 years will increase by 13%.

Call Center Employees

To get a job in a call center one must have a good command of English, that is why this field is not in demand among migrants from Russia and other countries. The fact that the call center operator profession is not particularly popular among the local population is due to the low annual salary – up to 40,000 USD.

Basically, students, schoolchildren, people with no education, and migrants work in the in-demand specialties.

IT Specialists

All kinds of workers in the information technology industry, especially those living in big cities, are rarely out of demand.
The demand for these highly qualified specialists is obvious. Due to the shortage of staff, employers are forced to increase salaries for these employees.

Experts predict that in the next couple of years the deficit of data engineers on a global scale will amount to 500000 people. Every year the demand for professionals in robotics increases by 30-35%.

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