How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost in 2023?

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How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost in 2023?

Looking to make an animated explainer video but don’t know how much it will cost? Read on to find out the factors that play into them, plus where to get quality animated explainer video services.
With more users scrolling through a barrage of products and services, businesses need a way to put their offers above the competition. Explainer videos are effective in this light, as they give consumers insight into the brand and what the audience should expect. They’re also great for breaking down complex, otherwise boring concepts into straightforward, catchier, more captivating information.

But as the different styles for making them exist, so do their price ranges vary. You may even wonder how much an animated video costs compared to live action.

So, to know how the various explainer video cost, you need to check what goes into them and how these factors determine their price. The processes involved in making explainer videos factor into how much you’ll spend on them. So, read on to understand how to plan your budget when making an explainer video for your brand.

What Determines an Explainer Video’s Cost?

Explainer videos generally follow similar principles, but different elements affect the cost of each type. Below are some of the major determinants of an explainer video service’s price.


While every explainer video project requires a script, the visual designs generally come in two forms; live-action and animated. Live-action requires tons of equipment and casting, plus location, costuming, and setting. And the more of these items you’ll use, the pricier they’ll be.

Animated explainer video pricing is usually different as the videos are of two main forms; 2D and 3D, with each type featuring other sub-styles. This means you can have an animated video done in stop motion, Claymation, whiteboard, cutout, parallax, infographic, and many styles. Most times, 3D animation costs more, mainly because of the large amount of detail the subjects require. But some 2D animations can be just as expensive, especially if designed and drawn by highly skilled professionals.


The message, visual ideas, and transition techniques needed also factor into explainer video pricing. Understandable concepts require lesser time and resources, so cost less. But with more complex ideas, locations, and characters, you’ll need to spend more. For instance, while a simple-concept whiteboard animated explainer video can be done at $800, a multiple-cast and location live-action version may require as much as $3000.


As a rule, explainer videos are short-form, usually not exceeding 2 minutes. But some may be made shorter, with most high-performing content ending at the 70 to the 90-second mark. So, agencies and producers may charge the explainer video cost per minute, while others prefer the length of days used to complete the work. But generally, longer video time means you’ll need more work time, which factors into the final cost the production service will generate.

Production Company Reputation

If you’re dealing with a smaller agency, you’ll most likely be working with fewer professionals, which means your budget will be lesser. Plus, smaller firms may not offer full services, so you’ll be eliminating costs for things like scriptwriting. Also, some professionals, especially when dealing with animated explainer videos, run simple-concept clips in DIY style, which significantly cuts their production costs.

Larger, more reputable production houses however consist of different processing stages. They employ professionals ranging from scriptwriters to illustrators, storyboard artists, graphic artists, and even project and account managers. And their efficient team structure means their explainer videos cost more than those from a single artist or creator.

Extra Services

Explainer video prices are also affected by extra customizations and edits you may make. Some firms also offer additional services like analytics, field testing, logistics, talent scouting, and content licensing, which will add to your production budget. Other explainer video production companies even offer marketing services to help promote the video once it’s released.

Explainer Video Cost in 2023

So, what would be the cost of an explainer video in 2023? Well, the answer lies in the combination of these factors above. Some professionals may charge as low as $600 for an explainer video project. But when dealing with larger production houses or complex brand concepts, you may meet price ranges from $20,000 to as high as $250,000.

Remember, the different factors come into play here. For instance, between a low-level professional and the most sophisticated explainer video production companies, mid-tier agencies exist that may charge an average of $5000. Of course, the price doesn’t always mean the quality suits your requirements; sometimes, your brand may perform well with an explainer video service provider charging as low as $2000.

In the end, it boils down to your budget and if the selected producer can achieve your brand’s vision.

Where to Find the Best Prices for Explainer Videos?

If you’ve ever wondered how much an explainer video costs in 2023, you won’t be the only one. But as many brands focus on prices when dealing with clients, Zelios Agency puts your budget into consideration. It’s why we offer high-quality explainer video services that work with a wide range of budget costs. At Zelios Agency, our professional team is always ready to answer any questions you have regarding prices. So, reach out to us today with your brand specifications, and let us commence the journey to creating your next viral explainer video.


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