Is the Content of PMP Exam Very Difficult?

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Is the Content of PMP Exam Very Difficult?

Is the content of PMP Exam difficult? Many PMP students will think that the PMP examination is very difficult, because PMI does not publish the true questions of the examination. Then, what is the type of PMP Examination? Is the content of PMP Exam very difficult?

1. PMP Question Type

At present, the written examination is used in the PMP examination in China. The examinations are held four times a year in March, June, September and December. The examination time is 4 hours. There are 200 multiple choice questions, one out of four. Among them, there are 25 non-scoring test questions, and 175 other scoring questions. If you answer 106 questions correctly, you can pass the test. That is to say, with a correct rate of 65.5%, you can pass the PMP Exam and obtain the PMP Certificate.

2. Introduction to Sample Questions and Answers of PMP Examination Questions

There are 200 multiple-choice questions in PMP Exam, which are in both Chinese and English. One of the sample questions is as follows:

A customer requests a scope change in the project you are managing. In order to determine the impact of the requested change, you will need a work breakdown structure, change request, scope management plan, and:

A. Performance reports

C. Pareto chart

B. Responsibility matrix

D. Monte Carlo simulation

3. The Distribution of PMP Examination Questions

There are 200 multiple choice questions in PMP Exam

  • People 42%
  • Process 50%
  • Business Environment 8%

4. Is PMP Difficult?

  1. There are more than ten questions about the 10 PMBOK modules of input / output / tools and technology, which are very easy.
  2. The Essential Knowledge for Project Managers
  3. PDM, AON, AOA, CPM, GERT, PERT, Delphi technology, Monte Carlo Analysis, JIT, Kanban Management, Seven Tools of Quality Management, Incentive Theory, Contract Management (RFP, RFI…), Communication Channels, Risk Quantification Technology, etc. Be proficient in different technologies to be suitable for that occasion.
  4. There are about 15-20 calculation questions, such as Critical Path, Number of Communication Channels, Depreciation, Cost, Earned Value Management (BAC, BCWP, ACWP, CV). The questions are not too difficult, but you should be careful. Many questions have pitfalls. If you don’t analyze them carefully, it’s easy to make the wrong answers.
  5. There are about 30 situational questions, mainly about Change Management, Communication, Management Style, Team Building, Conflict Management, Different Opinions on Quality, Resource Balance, and Risk Response. There are often two similar answers in the situational questions, which are difficult to choose.
  6. There are about five moral questions, which are required by PMI for project managers to obey: Honesty, Avoiding Suspicion, Maintaining PMP Qualification and Reputation.

Is the content of PMP difficult? In fact, on the whole, the PMP test has certain difficulty. The global average passing rate is only 30%, but in China, the passing rate of PMP is more than 60%. The PMP passing rate of excellent PMP Training Institutions in the industry like SPOTO can reach more than 85%. The teachers they choose have their own PMP Test Research Center and Independent PMP Test Preparation Question Bank.

They continuously invest a lot of human and material resources in PMP teaching aids, pursue innovation in service, and provide more humanistic and intimate services for students. It can be said that there is no need to worry and the passing rate is guaranteed. After all, passing the PMP Exam is just a simple goal. It is the right learning goal to really gain the essence of Project Management and broaden our thinking and benefit the career.

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