Professional Guidance 101: The Best IT Careers In 2022

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Professional Guidance 101: The Best IT Careers In 2022

Are you a techno whizz and want to find a career that suits your level of genius? Well, this blog will take care of that aspect by discussing the top IT careers of the year 2022. Whether you’re a student or an adult in Kansas, you can always earn these degrees!

Five Top-Paying IT Career Options in 2022

Every student that wishes to transition into a degree school wants to pursue a career that pays well. For starters, education today is expensive and often requires taking student loans that need to be paid off. By choosing one of the most lucrative career paths, you can enjoy a good life and secure your finances while living debt-free. Also, walking with the times is essential, so the below-mentioned careers are set to flourish further in the coming years.

1. Full-Stack Coder

If you wish to become an IT professional that governs the entire process of application development, kick-starting your IT career training program in Kansas City will give you the needed headstart. Full-stack coding is one of the most demanded skills in the field of Information Technology. A Full Stack Developer is a professional who is an expert with the server-side or back-end of an application as well as the client-side or front-end aspects of it.

2. Big Data Architect

The global internet surfers generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data every day. This volume of data consists of invaluable insights and trends that can be used by companies to expand their scope and improve business. Hence, the majority of companies are exploring Big Data and AI, making this a lucrative choice. A Big Data Architect is responsible for the planning, designing, and management of large-scale development life cycles and the deployments of Big Data applications.

3. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for the deployment and surveillance of a company’s cloud computing activities. They are also responsible for the development of cloud architecture and strategy while working on the implementation and deployment to ensure that the cloud environment functions as designed.

4. DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional on the development team of a software-based company who is actively involved in the creation, deployment, and network-based operations. They also have a role in the operations team while overlooking the building and upgrades of applications and software.

5. Blockchain Engineer

One of the best careers today is a blockchain engineer that works on the coveted blockchain technology. The global blockchain technology market is projected to touch 15.9 billion dollars by 2023, which indicates a surge in the demand for experts in the field. If you wish to become a blockchain engineer, you’ll need to have strong programming skills and expertise in cryptocurrency technologies.

Wrapping Up

While choosing the right career path early in life can be a rewarding experience, it requires you to understand your academic gifts and interests together. So, if you have a keen interest in all things technology, these five careers would make you very successful!

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