12 Proven Talent Acquisition Strategies to Hire in 2022

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12 Proven Talent Acquisition Strategies to Hire in 2022

For the last two years, remote work and virtual hiring have been the key aspect of any talent acquisition strategy. If you are a relatively new company, you mightn’t already have a brand image that lures the top candidates to your company.

To build a better image and employee base, here are 12 proven talent acquisition strategies that you can make work of in 2022.

1. Consider Your Business Goals

If you are hiring, you are growing. Consider acquiring talents whose interests go in parallel with your future business goals. Talent acquisition is different from recruitment. While recruitment focuses on filling vacancies within departments, acquisition focuses on hiring talents that help the company in the long term.

Suppose you are trying to expand your horizons to new demographics. Your talent acquisition strategies should consist of hiring talents that are experienced in that specific demographic and domain. For a new product, your objective should be to hire experienced developers and architects.

2. Outsource the Recruitment Process

Informing the best talents about your proposal, luring them in, screening, and the recruitment process itself can be overwhelming for companies that don’t have time to spare on building acquisition strategies.

As you outsource your marketing components, you can also outsource the recruitment process through temp agencies that attract and screen the best candidates according to your requirements.

As most scaling companies don’t actively promote their requirements, Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can be beneficial for them. RPO talent acquisition agencies actively build their networks to reach talents that are well in demand and whose job posts are tough to be filled (eg. executives).

With experience and technology built around talent acquisition, you are better off using a Temporary Job Staffing Service to acquire talents than on your own.

3. Build Your Brand

Gone are the days when employees used to devote themselves to one company and stick to them for their whole career. Most of the employees nowadays are passive employees, who actively seek jobs while being employed.

With this change in the market trend, the chances of acquiring the best talent depend on your capability to market your employer brand.

Don’t shy away from using any means possible to make your brand stand out online. If your employees are happy under your roof, encourage them to express it. If you are having a recruitment drive, let the world know.

You must build your brand for talent acquisition. Without a solid brand image that promotes security and office culture, the prospects won’t be inclined to ride your boat.

4. Take Help of Social Media

While promoting your brand, social media platforms can be your best friends. As most of the companies, including your competitors, are building their brands on social media, it’s for the best that you make the most out of it and promote every success, event, and talent acquisition drives through them.

As you should only target the most promising talents in town, business-centric social media platforms like LinkedIn are best for these kinds of campaigns.

5. Use Data for Marketing

Talent acquisition is a two-way street. Although the prospects are looking for better opportunities, you can’t expect them to just fall into your network without putting in the effort. As you utilize data for developing any type of marketing strategy, talent acquisition is no different.

To build a better company out of yourself with help of the expertise of experienced prospects, use available data to design the acquisition strategies.

In this era of remote work and technology, having analytics on where most of your talents come from or which elements of your campaign require more content is not tough. Use them to determine where you need to invest more.

6. Expand on Sources

You can’t find the best programmer for your company if you look in the site where you found the best sales manager. You need to expand on your horizons to reach different groups and job boards, Attend specific events where specific prospects might be present, and take the help of technology and agencies to diversify the sources.

By expanding on the sources, you not only increase your potential to hire better talents but also increase your market presence and build your employer brand, which will help hire talents in the future.

7. Promote Your Social Responsibilities

It’s not enough anymore to limit yourself to the company’s benefit if you want to make your mark on the market. Today we expect corporations to help others while pursuing their own goals.

The talent market keeps a close eye on the company’s charitable activities and makes certain decisions on the basis of that. While it may decrease your revenue, it has proved to be a great investment tool for talent acquisition.

Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) promote your brand image, culture, and general social values. Not only charitable works, but promoting inclusivity, diversity, and respect towards different communities is also a critical tool for brand promotion.

8. Increase DE&I Budget

70% of the job seekers prefer working for a company that promotes diversity and inclusivity. It’s not enough to only glorify diversity and inclusivity without showing that you mean it. Increase your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) budget to create a successful talent acquisition strategy.

9. Offer Custom Packages

Some talents are more experienced than others. While you should have a budget to acquire new talents, it’s important to understand that you might need to go overboard if the talent is potent enough. Offering custom packages for each individual might help in this aspect.

10. Partner With Universities

Fresh talents are always in demand. The majority of them from reputable universities are talented enough to be trained and retained for future projects. Hiring freshers can also be beneficial for your business in terms of maximizing revenue generation as they are not experienced enough to ask for higher packages.

11. Make the Application Process easier

It won’t help your cause if your application form or the process isn’t easy. The applicants may fall out of the procedure if it’s too complicated or takes a long time to be conducted. An interesting talent might not wait for your HR review process if it takes months to complete. A quick response and feedback cycle makes it appealing for applicants to pursue your campaigns.

12. Introduce Referral Programs

Most of the talents create a group around themselves where they might discuss their work, job, and personal life. Introducing a referral program in talent acquisition strategies helps them recommend their associates to your company.

The Bottom Line

A short-term talent acquisition strategy isn’t enough if your business is scaling. Sending LinkedIn messages or boosting your content only when you are in dire need of employees isn’t the best approach to acquiring talents.

To build a long-term talent acquisition strategy consider your goals, use analytics, use a proven reference checking platform, build your brand, and outsource your recruitment process for the best results.

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